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Pokémon TCG Online


oh man, good times.
Lately me and @Boquise have been playing Pokémon TCG Online! It's pretty fun! You get to start off with some starter decks and can earn booster packs by winning matches and stuff (and also by redeeming codes on actual Pokémon TCG decks/booster packs if you happen to have some newer ones) and you can challenge some NPCs or random people online or just battle your friends. There doesn't appear to be any element where you have to pay to actually play, just to get even more cards.

Unfortunately you have to download an actual application to play, which is kind of annoying and also there isn't a Linux version. You might be able to run it in a virtual machine. You can also play on an Android or iOS tablet instead if you have one.

Another drawback is that the game seems to feature a bug in which I've been beating Boquise so badly that the counter overflows and shows our results as 0-6. It's preposterous.

Regardless, come play with me, my username is Baaarfie! (Barfie was taken, and I didn't want just 2 a's.)


The Fool
Ask; Try She/Her
I used to love this as a kid! I remember this so fondly. I remember collecting "booster packs" or something when i was younger, and then they had little digital booster pack codes in them. So i probably still have like seventy of these so if i decide to start doing this imma crush y'all.