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Pokémon Turquoise RPG


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Pokémon Turquoise RPG

Pokémon Turquoise is a forum-based role-playing game set in New Logora, a region that once prospered under the supervision of a powerful cohort of legendary pokémon. Then, about 2500 years ago, something... happened. New Logora's patron legendaries vanished in a cataclysm so violent it shattered the region into six separate islands and sent its people fleeing far and wide. People have since returned to New Logora, but its glory has not. Most of its inhabitants are content with their quiet little region, backwater though it may be, but a few remember a better past, a past recorded in an ancient language on crumbling ruin walls and half-disintegrated scraps of parchment. More than remembering, they think they know a way to return New Logora to its glory days, and now, after thousands of years, it looks like their plans might finally bear fruit...

New Logora has much to offer a pokémon trainer, even one not interested in ancient history. New Logora's six islands offer a huge variety of habitats, from icy mountainsides to sweltering jungles, that house over 125 of Kratos Aurion's lovely fakemon. These are just a few of the pokémon you can expect to encounter on your travels:

You can learn more about New Logora, its pokémon, and its story on the Turquoisedex, the RP's official info site.

The game itself uses a flexible system that caters to a variety of different playstyles and levels of roleplay experience. Want to write reams of intricate prose with a few friends? Take on special RP quests to seek out the rewards that mean the most to your character. Not feeling up to writing a novel for your next journey update? You can go it solo and treat the game more like a text-based adventure, simply stating the next action your character takes to advance. The Getting Started Guide gives an overview of the system and step-by-step instructions for the beginning New Logoran trainer. Before you go running off to explore ancient ruins or poke vicious wild pokémon with a stick, though, there's one very important question you must answer... Who will your starter be?

Acafia | Crocoal | Spraylet

This Turquoise's second anniversary, so it's a particularly good time to join. We've got special events and giveaways running for the next couple of weeks that offer great opportunities to get acquainted with the community and pick up some powerful items and pokémon to start your journey off with a bang. Don't be shy; there's enough earthday cake and fizzy fun juice for everyone! ;)

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them here or in the help forum over on Turquoise. Hope to see you there!
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