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pop punk mafia wtf


sorry guys, don’t lose
welcome to the black parade

so in 2011, me of the beforetimes issued a doomed mafia game. i tried so hard. i did not get far.

anyway so basically i have to redeem myself

which i will do

with this game! if y'all join anyway

it's masterful, it's beautiful, and most importantly, it features guyliner. and probably bad flavor text? idk. it's like 2:30am. wake me up inside

mafia, except with stereotypical 2000s pop punk/"emo" bands. and 5 seconds of summer, for some reason? there are so many roles. there are so many bands. dear maria, count me (you!) in!!!!!

bands featured:
- my chemical romance
- brand new
- all-american rejects
- bring me the horizon
- blink-182
- green day
- and many more!!!!!! wow!!!

sign up. pls. current setup is tailored to 15, but we can make do with like 10? 11?

massive cred to my homie, my bff, my muse !!! nira !!! for helping me with this and taking partial blame if i fuck up, which i def will

i resent that this is my immediate contributive attempt the second i get back to tcodf
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