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Possible Generation V Pokemon for upcoming movie?

Bulbapedia article
PokeBeach article

Is this what we've been waiting for? Is Generation V finally on its way?

By the looks of things, this could be a new Pokemon form, but I think that would not work out well, considering there really aren't any new possible games to come out for any more possible forms (Rotom / Giratina / Shaymin forms for Platinum, Pichu forms for HGSS). It is also possible that the "new" Pokemon is simply a legendary Pokemon they haven't shown yet. Serebii speculated Lugia and Ho-oh, but they really aren't anything close to new, since they have been released before.

I'm going to take a leap of faith and say that these are new Pokemon that will be revealed. It's been about four years since Generation IV began, and its about time we start to get Generation V rolling. The only possible reasoning against this is that there is no new console announced yet, but it is possible that they might be making it for the DS again.

I'm quite excited about this. I believe they'll be some new Pokemon.

They'll probably just be new babbies or something though, they always seem to release those first, for those Pikachu shorts before the movies, spin-off games... stuff like that.
I just hope it's not another electric rodent. >:|
Don't get your hopes up, that's the second most likely possibility...

Seriously, every gen has a Pikachu lookalike. ... Except gen 2? I can't think of what gen 2's is if it has one. I guess that's where Pichu fits in.
Dunsparce has an evolution. Yanma, if I remember correctly, which evolves into Yanmega when it levels up, knowing Hidden Power.
does not equal

Come on new Pokémon!

I hope it's something decent, and if there are new evos for oldbies, I want to see something better than Tangrowth and Lickilicky...
You can bash Lickilicky all you want, though. It's the only D/P new-evolution-of-an-old-Pokémon that actually sucked.

I'm actually guessing we won't see too many evolved/baby forms of old Pokémon this time, though. We got a bunch in G/S/C, hardly any in R/S/E, and then a bunch again in D/P/P... so this will probably be another "hardly any babies/evolutions of old Pokémon" batch.
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