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Power Plant

Text adventure.

I'm new, hope I don't do anything stupid. I'll probably fail completely... This is stupid :/ And no rewinding (unless you want to pay Dialga $3 to do it), although you can come back and do it all over again.

Entrance fee: "Only" $5. Although you might end up spending more! (It's worth it. Eggs, rare Pokemon, you name it...)

The starting text is: Outside the power plant, there is a sleeping guard. A sign nearby says that it cost $5 to enter, one Pokemon allowed.. You tiptoe by, place $5 in his lap, and head on in with your Pokemon.

(Please state your partner Pokemon to begin. Also, money/Pokemon won/lost are changed only after the Results screen. Yes, there's a results screen. A typed one. This is a not one of those walk-around-and-find-common/uncommon/rare-pokemon-thingies. This is an actual text adventure. Nobody is coming; first person to come gets in for 80% off :D Which makes the cost $1 and gets the item Master ball. Be the first.)
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A text adventure is very, very similar to RP, except for you don't actually say what you're doing, you just pick from the choices you're given. All the possible results are thought out beforehand. Want to try?
For being the first person to try, it only cost $1 to enter, as well as getting a free Master Ball (OMGOMGOMG Wutsitdo?) [I don't know... but its shiny :D]

Okay, current Result: -$1.
Partner: (Um, who's your partner? Please tell me.)

You walk in, almost bumping into a Pokemon. "Blitz?" the horse-like pokemon says, taking a step back. It's not used to visitors.

1) If you have any kind of Pokeball, you can try to catch Blitzle. Will be consumed.
2) You can ignore it.
Okay, current Result: -$5.
Partner: Guys, stop forgetting to tell me your partner.

The opening scene is always the same: (Unless you have the item Fresh Water, found in Snack Bar.)

You walk in, almost bumping into a Pokemon. "Blitz?" the horse-like pokemon says, taking a step back. It's not used to visitors.

1) If you have any kind of Pokeball, you can try to catch Blitzle. Will be consumed.
2) You can ignore it.
(Sorry. The system I'm on won't let me edit my posts.)

Ignore it.
(Also, what do you mean "if we have any?")
If you have any kind of Pokeball, you can try to catch Blitzle=If you own a Pokeball, Great Ball, Dusk Ball, Timer Ball, etc. you can attempt to capture this Pokemon.

And what's your partner? Edit: Oh Swablu. Sorry didn't see your post :D

And pick option 1) or 2) please.
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I did state my partner, and I did pick an option. And the Zone owner has to offer Pokeballs, which are normally included in the starting price.
No, I mean that pretty much only the first person can get a Blitzle, otherwise you can't get it. Sorry.

And you actually can win Pokeballs on the luck machine later on. So if for some reason you played it twice, you could get Blitzle.

Alright, enough arguing! Pick option 1) or 2)
But I don't have Pokeballs. No one does. Like I said, the owner gives them to us.

And I picked 2 earlier.
There's a reason I picked Pokeballs as the item required, nobody has them, basically making Blitzle into a mini-event.

Oh sorry, was checking for number responses, didn't realize you picked #2 :D

Okaaaay. So you're walking down the cave when you see a Voltorb emitting sparks to your right, in front of a wall of crumbly rock.

1) What the heck is the Voltorb doing there? *touch*
2) Better not touch it. Might explode in my face.
Unsurprisingly enough, it blows up and you are knocked out. You wake up to see a thief running away with your cash (DANG IT)! [You lost $3. If you own a Pokemon with Pursuit, you can get your money back. Um... does swablu learn pursuit?]

Current Result: -8$, but still -5$ if swablu does learn pursuit, though I don't think it does...

Continuing on... You see the crumbled rock wall had been decimated. Walking in, it is simply a dead end. But hey, what's that in the corner? You find a pokemon egg. (Um... not sure if I'm allowed to do this. If not, please skip this part...) The egg will hatch in two weeks into a female togepi :D

Wondering why there was a cave inside a steel building, you continue walking. You see a diagram of the building.

1) to the generator! Whee luck machine!
2) to the control room! Even though it says "employees only!"
3) To the bathroom! ... ... ...
...That's not cool D:

To the generator! And then the bathroom! (You never know what you might find in there!)
So, off to the generator it is! A lone worker stands there, waiting patiently for the customers that never come. When he sees you, he gets a bit overexcited and quickly says: "you're here to try the luck machine right? right? RIGHT?" and turns it on without getting an answer. "It's free, but only once every time you come."

You look at the projection.

20% 2 Pokeballs (Nobody in their right mind is going to come back here twice. Maybe you can sell them on e-bay :P)
20% Gain $4
20% random pokemon (mostly Gen I-Gen IV, but with a few B+W stuck in there)
20% random item (mostly berries, with a few evolution stones etc. in there)
17% Lose $4 D:

"Who cares about the other 4%!" exclaims the worker.

1) spin!!!
2) go to the bathroom like you planned (why would you skip it? :D)
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