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PS2 won't show image on TV?

So I recently got a PS2 (got free from a friend, hehe) and I can't get it to work. Well, the console itself seems to work at least partially, but the image won't show.
The console turns on, and the disc spins, and it seems like it should work. There's no sound. If it matters, I have an HDTV and the slim model (toploader), and the composite cables use a SCART converter (got it that way)
I know the SCART socket should work, because I tried it with my Wii and that worked. Still, I can't see any image, just the "blank" blue screen for no signal. What should I do? Should I do anything about the TV settings (I don't know much about what to do here so I don't want to mess around without knowing what I'm doing)

I appreciate any help, thanks!
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After the suggestion from someone else, I tried connecting the composite cables to the TV instead, and now it works! :D Thanks for your help, but I found it out.