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[Ranch] Share your Pokemon Ranch Pictures


Pokemon Coordinator
Yay, more pictures.

(To copy image from album, press the copy to SD card icon)

Egg riding on Milotic

Snowman freezes Eevee (poor Eevee.)

Milotic bubblebeaming Snowman

Swablu landed on Mii's head


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To show the pictures, would you need a Digital camera? Cause I don't have one that reads the SD card.


Says "also" and "or something" a lot
Do people here think that ranch is worth getting?
Assuming I had enough Wii points, should I get it or not?


The one and only.
Well... it's not USELESS, but it can get tedious the only point being to bring more and more to that greedy Hayley.


dayum, boy!
It's fun when you play because I love watching the pokemon do stuff and ride on each other. It's worth it, but don't expect anything really big.

shiny jiggly

okay, I lied. I'm not active.

My mii running away from Umbreon

This is how many I used to have at the ranch (now I have like, 200 something)

The Mew I got at that special event for that Lucario movie.

FEMALE!!!, my Flareon with Snorlax

The obligatory Brock mii photo


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I've got a few. Since I don't even have a clue what an SD card is, I took pictures of my screenshots with a digital camera =P

Egg riding Shinx

Pachirisu riding Egg

Row of Eggs

Mirage, my female shiny Flygon, riding my normal male Flygon
...a romance budding?

Egg stack =P
Not, no the totem pole thing. I stacked them up myself =P

Articuno struggling to stay airborne. Notice the sweat =P