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Relaxing reffing requirements


(In)animate cat
There's been a bit of talk in Telegram lately about (among other things) how much it sucks to milk an entire paragraph out of a Pokémon using Flamethrower, let alone three paragraphs for three Flamethrowers. So, I guess this is a thread for discussion about that? If anyone's around to discuss.

Anyway I absolutely agree! That was most of what made reffing feel so difficult for me back in the day. I think it makes sense for reffings to vary wildly in length; sometimes you may very well have a full reffing's worth of shenanigans going on, but if it's just the same two moves three times, you should be able to just write a couple of sentences about them exchanging blows.

Not to mention that, like, ASB is, uh, pretty quiet these days, to say the least, so, like, if anyone wants to experiment with low-effort reffings? Go wild, imo.


out of touch thursday
as someone who is not a ref maybe i should not say too many things, but as a player i really wouldn't mind if the reffings were lower-effort / less writing! it's a lot of effort for free and also it does sound hard and annoying to make simple repetitive moves interesting.


oh yeah, this is probably not something that would fall to Official Policy or nothing, so... yeah, whoever's reffing right now, the world is your oyster, try new things and get back to us-