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Sad songs


New member
Um, I was just wondering whether anybody knew of any sad songs.

I mean, by sad, I obviously don't mean 'my gf lyk so dumped me, now lissun'.
I don't reeeaaally know what I do mean, but eh.

But yeah, any really sad songs, anyone?

Oh yeah, also love songs. Once again, real love songs, songs like 'Look for the Woman' by Scroobius Pip, or 'You Knows I Loves You' by GLC. Um, basically, more realistic songs.


I memorized that song already. In romaji. kwee~
( so I'm not the only Vocaloid otaku on this forum...)
*forces self not to go into otaku mode*

Anyway, sad songs...
Gah, I suck.
I do know some sad songs, but all I can think of as of now are in Japanese o.o

Servant of Evil, Regret Message, and Re_Birthday (I cut out Daughter of Evil cuz... it's not sad... and Re_birthday is the "happy ending")
Kokoro and Kokoro/kiseki
Soundless voice and Proof of Life
Recycle Bin and Salvage
Prisoner and Paper Airplane (especially Paper airplane)

Idk, I'll come back to edit later once I remember the songs...
also hahaha kokoro

i never cried at it but i thought it was a pretty cool song

WATASHI WA SHITAAAA YORUKOBU KOTO WO♪ and i still remember every word of it...

and aaaah recycle biiiiinn ; ~;

(as a random note to the vocatakus at this place, hakobako player is my favourite vocaloid song evarrrr bye)
Approximately half of Tom Waits' discography.

Particularly Closing Time. That album makes me want to cry and I don't even know why.
It's not even technically out yet (unless you preordered the album), but definitely Goodnight My Love by Honor Society.

I listened to it three times and I keep feeling like crying.
"requiem for all the lonely teenagers with passed out moms" - atlas sound
"names" - cat power
"never make me cry" - fleetwood mac

off the top of my head.
I just happen to have iTunes open, so here we go! (Bold are really sad ones!)

Adam's Song-Blink-182
Alive-Pearl Jam
Black-Pearl Jam
Bright Eyes-Art Garfunkel

Brothers on a Hotel Bed-Death Cab for Cutie
Dead Boy's Poem-Nightwish
Exit Music (For a Film)-Radiohead

Fake Plastic Trees-Radiohead
Forgiven-Within Temptation
Hallelujah-Everyone ever has covered this (Personally, I like the original best. Yeah, he can't sing, but the ending's prettier.)
I Miss You-Blink-182
I Will Follow You Into the Dark-Death Cab for Cutie
If the World Ends-Guillemots
Jeremy-Pearl Jam
Missed the Boat-Modest Mouse
No Surprises-Radiohead
Ocean Breaths Salty-Modest Mouse
Perfect-Smashing Pumpkins
Run-Snow Patrol
Samson-Regina Spektor
The Scientist-Coldplay
The Show Must Go On-Queen

Someday You Will Be Loved-Death Cab for Cutie
Somewhere a Clock is Ticking-Snow Patrol
Street Spirit (Fade Out)-Radiohead
Styrofoam Plates-Death Cab for Cutie
Today-Smashing Pumpkins
What Sarah Said-Death Cab for Cutie
You Could Be Happy-Snow Patrol

99 Luftbaloons-Nena

Long lists FTW.
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Forever Gone - Lyrycyst feat. Mariann Shaw is pretty sad, but I guess it's connected to when one of my online close friends passed away in August. :/ Not usually my type of music.

Apart from that...
I'm Sorry, I Am - Brokencyde*,
I Think I'm Going Insane - Brokencyde*,
What We Made - Example*,
Descene - Life's Decay,
and Promise Me - Dead by April.

But, Deeper Down - My Dying Bride is my best, for sure. If you're into that kind of music.

*I don't usually listen to rap. Seriously. But it's still sad, it's the lyrics that count.
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