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Safari Mart & Salon


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There is a new building in the Safari Zone.

It's fairly conspicuous - it looks very new and shiny, it stands quite near to the entrance, hugged against a wall, and its two stories are surprisingly visible from a good distance. The sign hanging above the wide doorway says something like "ALRAUNE AND ZUU - POKEMON CUSTOMIZATIONS AND UPGRADES", or something like that - mysteriously the sign seems to change every time you look at it, a phenomenon that neither owners have yet to explain. Well, Zuu insists that it's nanomachines, but everything is nanomachines.

The first floor is very atmosphere-conscious, full of friendly neutral colors and shelves neatly lined with accessories and rainbow-colored bottles, invariably in the order of the visual spectrum, and if the stock isn't arranged by color it is arranged by size or shape instead. Plainly Alraune, the manager of the first floor, either has OCD, is extremely anal retentive, or both. There is only one place on the first floor that are not immaculate, one being Alraune's counter, which is buried under piles of clutter. She always tells customers to please pretend it doesn't exist.

The second floor is more or less barred to most customers, but it's rumored that if you ask really, really nicely and produce significant sums of cash, that Zuu might let you up and look at its fine wares, which mostly consist of reasonably priced evolution items. The second floor, apparently, is somewhat scary, though -- there's a constant mechanical hum that emanates even through the ceiling of the first floor, and mysterious reddish-brown stains can be found, about which Zuu refuses to accommodate questions. It seems legit, though.

The main service that this fine establishment offers, however, is an extensive range of quality Pokémon accessories from every region. From dyes, scarves, and bands to feathers, tags, and jewelry, you'll probably be able to find it here for a good price. Yeah, I know what you're thinking. "My Bulbasaur sure could use a scarf." Hell, yeah, it could -- for what are you waiting?!


Hey! The things we do are as follows!:

Once you pay for your fashion accessory on the first floor, Alraune will gladly dress your Pokémon for you; the price for doing so is included in the price of the item itself. So, actually, you're kind of obligated to let her apply it to your Pokémon, lest she obsess about incorrect placement if you try it. You can, of course, tell her the way you would like it to be, but she'll do it herself anyway so that it's just right. If you must insist that it be a certain way (that is, if she does something unsatisfactorily), she will be happy to try again! In the case of dyes, if so desired Alraune can dye either a particular part of your Pokémon's body or its entire body. If your Pokemon evolves, feel free to bring it back and receive a touch-up, free of charge!


Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, or Pink dye - $2

Black and White dye - $3

Ultra Decadent Gold dye - $4
*each dye is based on a ready-made palette, with but just some variation to prevent easy shiny-likes


Mental Herb, Power Herb, White Herb - $2

Cleanse Tag, Spell Tag - $4

Wise Glasses, Black Glasses, Choice Specs - $4

Twisted Spoon, Stick, Thick Club - $4

Expert Belt, Black Belt, Focus Sash - $4

Red, Yellow, Green, Blue Scarf - $4

Silk Scarf - $4

Choice Scarf - $6

Muscle, Focus, Choice Band - $6

Soothe Bell, Shell Bell, Mystic Water - $6

Fancy Feathers - $8

Amulet Coin - $8
*accessories are for aesthetic purposes only, though if you wish you may ask a roleplay-zone's owner if you can roleplay with your accessories!

Up on the second floor, Zuu's wares mainly consist of items that assist in evolution. Their prices are as follows:
Fire, Water, Thunder, Leaf, Moon, Sun, Dusk, Shiny, Dawn Stones, Upgrade - $6
Dragon Scale, Metal Coat, King's Rock, Deep Sea Scale, Deep Sea Tooth, Electirizer,
Magmarizer, Protector, Reaper Cloth, Dubious Disc, Oval Stone, Razor Claw, Razor Fang - $8
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Re: Rauzuu Safari Mart

We have been seriously needing a place like this.
Let's see... an Oval Stone, Shiny Stone, Leaf Stone, Razor Claw, and one each of Root, Claw and Dome fossil.
I'd like my Torterra with Gold instead of dark green body-and-shell, Purple instead of brown, Blue instead of gray, and leave the tree, eyes and nose alone, please. I'd also like a Shell Bell dangling from his neck.

That comes to... a lot. $8 + $6 + $6 + $8 + $6 + $6 + $6 + $4 + $2 + £2 + $6 = 60 dollaridoos.

Well, that was a lot. Thank you, and I may come again!
Re: Rauzuu Safari Mart

Squornshellous Beta

Your Torterra steps out from behind Alraune's counter a glittering, royal paragon of Torterran excellence! With each empowered step a shell hanging from his neck jingles comfortingly.

"Well, isn't he fabulous? Or is he fabulous?" Alraune gushes over her first customer. "... Right? Fabulous?"
Re: Rauzuu Safari Mart

Well, he's something, anyway... I kind of imagined the brown on his shell as purple as well, but he looks better like this. Thanks!
Re: Rauzuu Safari Mart

I figured the tree needed some soil. Sure he looks better that way? I won't charge on the re-do since that was kind of my own spin and everything if you want me to fix that.
Otherwise... thanks for coming~ :3
Re: Rauzuu Safari Mart

I'm going to be taking a shiny stone now.

Thank god I don't have to go through the entire game this time just to evolve my togetic.
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Re: Rauzuu Safari Mart

i would like to spin spin spin the fossil roulette!
Re: Rauzuu Safari Mart

Alraune unwraps the chosen fossil from its plaster and carefully places it inside the glass chamber of her personal revival machine. It glows brightly, obscuring all view of what's inside, before it bursts open and spits out a beam of light not unlike a Pokeball releasing its contents. The light fades, and the fossil is revealed to have been...
Bastiodon ♂
Re: Rauzuu Safari Mart

I'll fork over $6 for that Sun Stone.

Sunkern evolves with a Sun Stone right?
Re: Rauzuu Safari Mart

So I just take the item and go?

Also huge comic in zuu's section, might want to fix that
Re: Rauzuu Safari Mart

So I just take the item and go?

Also huge comic in zuu's section, might want to fix that

Yeah, pretty much.

Also, uh, fixed? I have no idea what happened there. I guess tinypic botched up or something?? The items look just fine when I look at them in my uploads.
Re: Rauzuu Safari Mart

Alraune takes the next item from the stack of plaster-wrapped fossils, undresses it and places it inside the revival device. With a bright flash and a shutter and a pop, the fossil is revealed to have been...

Lileep ♀
Re: Rauzuu Safari Mart

Going to buy a Dawn Stone.
(sorry for double post, just wanted Alraune/Zuu to notice.)
Re: Rauzuu Safari Mart

Hello, trainers!
Just posting to let you know that we are still open, and now offer black and white dyes!

A revamping of the accessories section is also underway, and hopefully will be up and running soon!
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I'd like a Choice Scarf for my Squirtle, please.

That's 6 monies! *looks both ways, hands money in a stealthy manner*

"A Choice Scarf?" Alraune asks. "Good choice! Heehee!" She plucks a striped blue scarf from a box and wraps it gently around your Squirtle's neck.

"There we go! It's a good look for him!"

(Let me know if you want something fixed!)
Umm can the scarf be a tad bigger? And here is four more so you can make him look fabulous with Choice Specs.

ya blowing my money right after you get it smart
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