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(sign ups) Divinity High (PG 13)

Kung Fu Ferret

First Knight of the Round Table
The gods from four different pantheons (Greek, Egyptian, Norse and Chinese) have arranged to create a safe haven for those mixed divine and mortal heritage (aka Demigods) to learn and interact without judgment from outsiders.

Divinity High is a boarding school of sorts for demigods between the ages of 10 and 19. The most powerful deities are the heads of one of four dorms. Zeus (Greek) Ra (Egyptian) Odin (Norse), and Nu Wa (Chinese).

However, Ragnarok is coming, Apophis will rise, The Titans will break free, and The Mandate of Heaven will be no more. It is up to a group of demigods, selected by the headmasters themselves, to prevent the end of the world as we all know it.

Rules and sign ups coming soon.

You aren't necessarily limited to just the Greek/Egyptian/Norse/Chinese pantheons. However, I will not allow gods from religions that are still widely practiced today (so that means your dad can't be Jesus, and Kali can't be your mom)
Alternatively, you can choose to be a champion of a certain god who doesn't/can't have children, like Artemis or Set. You don't have to be a blood relative of a god if you don't want.
No godmoding (you haven't mastered ALL of your powers, YET)
This RP is PG-13, so I will allow some romance, and blood, within reason.

Sign-up template

Age: (10-19):
Gender (male, female, non-binary, trans, etc):
Demigod or Champion (pick one):
Godly parent(if demigod)/mentor (if champion):
Powers (if applicable):
Other (anything else?)
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Kung Fu Ferret

First Knight of the Round Table
Name: Eric Finn
Age: (10-19): 15
Gender (male, female, non-binary, trans, etc):Male
Demigod or Champion (pick one): Demigod
Godly parent(if demigod)/mentor (if champion): Cernunnos, Celtic god of fertility, life, animals, wealth and the underworld.
Personality: Eric is usually calm and collected. However, when someone tries to harm/disrespect nature, he shows no mercy. His mother is a zookeeper in Rhode Island, and Eric would go to this zoo a lot in his youth. This is where he learned some of his abilities.
Appearance: Eric is a redheaded youth with green eyes. He wears khaki EVERYTHING, and big boots. He is 5'9", and weighs about 135 lbs. He plans on growing a goatee when he can.
Powers (if applicable): Eric's powers mainly involve nature. Also can communicate with many animals species (mostly mammals with large fangs, horns, antlers, and/or tusks of some kind), but he still needs to hone his skills with certain critter dialects. He can summon large bramble to attack any adversary. He can also transform into a large, white stag that is somewhat resistant to mortal weapons such as firearms.
Other (anything else?)
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I'm interested, but I need a bit more time to find a suitably strange god.

Righty-o. This is a bit of a stretch: lemme know if it's allowed, KFF.

Name: Lafos (adoptive last name: Saryi)

Age: 16

Demigod or Champion: Neither. Lafos was created by two different aspects of the same vodou deity as an experiment.

Godly Parent(s): Kalfu and Papa Legba, both different aspects of the Vodou deity of crossroads.

Personality: Lafos was found by his adoptive parents as a baby, in the middle of a busy intersection. Despite many vehicles speeding by, neither Lafos nor his parents were struck by any. He is the analytical, perceptive type, who has a tendency to judge others. He is calm and collected when stakes are high, but when making decisions solely for his own sake, he finds himself unable, likely having something to do with being "stuck at a crossroads". He can help others through a juncture, but must remain at one himself.

Appearance: Lafos is about 6'3", with skin not quite belonging to any earthly ethnicity, likely due to being created, not born. He often wears plain, cost-effective clothing that some would call boring. He grows no facial hair, and what hair he does have is white.

Powers: Lafos holds some power over the dead that his creators bestowed upon him.

From Legba: Lafos is fluent in all languages. He can communicate with the dead and allow others to do so, though he can be lied to easily. Lafos also has a certain connection with canines.

From Kalfu: Lafos can allow spirits to travel to and from the mortal realm, though he can not summon those that do not already want to travel, or that are not waiting at the crossroads. In addition, he holds no power over these spirits, unlike Kalfu, so the spirits can easily break free and wreak havoc upon the realm. Lafos can allow bad luck, misfortune, injustice, and destruction to cross into those he can target.

Other: Lafos was created by Kalfu and Papa Legba with the intention of allowing the duo to finally rest after eons. He would take their place when fully developed, though he does not know this. Should Lafos survive and fully manifest the powers of both Kalfu and Legba at once, he would take their place at the crossroads, ascending to full divinity, no longer tied to the mortal realm.

Again. Lemme know if this is out of the question.
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New member
Name: Nala Erise

Age: (10-19): 14

Gender (male, female, non-binary, trans, etc): Female

Demigod or Champion (pick one): Demigod

Godly parent(if demigod)/mentor (if champion): Enyo, Greek goddess of War, Destruction, Conquest, and Bloodlust

Personality: Nala is a very withdrawn, anti-social young girl. She used to be very outgoing and ambitious, but this would trigger reckless use of her power. After a tragic incident, she distanced herself from other people and became shy and soft-spoken. She also has become somewhat of a doormat, afraid to speak up for herself in case her powers go off the wall again. Behind her jumpy exterior is a kind-hearted girl, but it takes a lot of patience to gain her trust and be allowed to see her more friendly side.

Appearance: Nala is a short, skinny girl with light tan skin that is spattered with freckles. Her hair is is a honey gold, and is very long and curly. She often pins it up in a half bun to keep it tame. She has red eyes, which she hates but can't really hide. She wears girly looking clothes with poofy sleeves and skirts.

Powers (if applicable): Nala emits a discordant aura that causes others around her to become uncontrollably violent and bloodthirsty, often leading to fights. This happens when she feels a strong enough emotion to break her focus on controlling the pulse. She hasn't fully discovered this yet, but she can also control other's bodies through their blood.

Other (anything else?): She does have mild PTSD over the incident that changed her personality. Her biggest trigger is her hair being pulled, and this could cause her to lose control of her powers if caught in a flashback.