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[Sign-Ups] Killing Game RP

The ones with the most potential, the pinnacles of humanity, the future- people of such high stature are generally referred to as “Ultimates”.

16 or so, tbd, of these marvelous people decide to attend the Pinnacle Temple, a complex at the peak of the Blossom Tower, tallest in the world. They would be subject to training from masters of techniques the world around, and would have their skills honed to improve the future.

Upon their arrival, it becomes clear that something has gone horribly wrong.

The group wakes up at the peak of Blossom Tower, but the premises are blocked off. After quick introductions, the group splits up and investigates. They find that windows are bolted shut, no doors or elevators seem to lead down the tower, and the doors that seem to promise moving to new floors are blocked off. A voice appears over some sort of PA system, commanding them to gather in the auditorium.


So yeah that’s basically how the rp’ll start. Big bad man forces them all to kill each other later yadda yadda you’ll find out more about this person after shit starts hitting the fan.

Applications don’t really need any specific formatting, just some surface knowledge of your character. Any secrets and shit can be DM’ed to me at your leisure. If you need like a template, here.

I'd highly prefer characters to be original, made by you.

Ultimate Talent: (if you want, or you can keep it under wraps until the start of the RP)
What others may know about you:

And the rest can be discussed with the dm, including backstory and personality

really this is sorta a casual affair i dunno when we’ll start we’ll figure it out as we go

should be fun

Refer to the interest check for some basic explanations of the killing game and whatnot
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Mr. Ultracool

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I'd like to sign up - the concept sounds incredibly fun!

Name: Samuel Smith, but he tends to go by several nicknames, to the point where it's unknown if that even is his real name.

Ultimate Talent: Actor (I hope that's not too OP)

Appearance: An unusually tall and gaunt teenager who always does his best to dress formally.
Has a bunch of colored contact lenses on his person at all times, so no one knows what color his eyes really are.
Tends to change his hair color often, but right now, they are black.

What others may know about you: Not much, as he is a very secretive person - no-one can be really sure if what he says or does is true or just an act he puts on.


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I would like to sign up

Name: Kirito

Ultimate Talent: Classified

Appearance: A teenager who usually dresses casually in black.

What others may know about you: Not much, as he is a kind of a loner, however occasionally he'll help others


Name: Benjamin Auvert
Ultimate Talent: Gardening
Appearance: Wears a half open hawaiian shirt over a white tank top with various silly and floppy sunhats. Tries not to wear the same one twice in one week. Has cargo shorts and a scruffy half-beard-goatee thing. Addicted to sunglasses.
What others may know about you: Expert at knowing how to fertilize, and how nutrients interact.


Do we have to send you background and personality? If so it's wip

Name: Kuremi Kioyo
Ultimate Talent: Cook
Appearance: Tall | pale | brunette | short wavy hair | green eyes | likes wearing brownish yellows and dark colors | enjoys wearing simple dresses
What others may know about you: Kuremi Kioyo, nicknamed "Kure" or "Kuki" is apparently helpful and enjoys inventing new recipes. She doesn't seem to have any friends despite getting along well with most students.


tl;dr backstory/personality take long time and still in progress but putting here
Name: Nightingale Enaisan
Ultimate Talent: Blackmailer

As I mentioned, I dislike colored pencils so
Height: Short | Hair: Brown | Eyes: Gray | Head Bandana/Undershirt/Ribbon tied to Journal: Red | Jacket: Beige | Tie/Trousers/Journal: Dark Brown | Journal Clasps/Key: Gray

(Note: I consider the events of a specific previous game to be non-canon due to me actually having a (wip) backstory and personality and not played by me acting impulsively)
(And also definitely completely different because I'm changing some cosmetics things)


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Let's do this, it's time for... TEENAGE DAVE

Name: David Ambrose (Dave)
Ultimate Talent: Ultimate Geneticist
Appearance: This, but probably not actually wearing that shirt
What others may know about you: As the Ultimate Geneticist, he figured out the key to splicing human and animal genes together, prompting major medical advances.
Personality: it's Dave but he's a teenager
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what are friends for, right?
Name: Sol Rayler
Ultimate Talent: Archivist
Appearance: He has short red hair and glasses and wears a light blue jacket with a four-pointed star on the back over a yellow t-shirt and plain blue jeans.
What others may know about you: Not very good at social interaction, worse at recognizing it. Carries a notebook with his name on it around everywhere.