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Sleepover Choice Pokemafia


am i nothing but stars to you?
Choice Pokemafia - Sleepover Edition!
I don't really feel like writing full flavor tonight, so y'all will probably get it later lol!

The Rules:tm:

-Days 48 hours, nights 24 hours. SoD/EoD at 9 PM EDT. This might change depending on how I feel about it.
if i miss a deadline you are free to spam ping me on discord.
-Do not discuss the game outside of the thread (or other allowed channels), play against your win condition, or quote any mod messages.
-The rolelist is closed, and will not be bastard. I think. Depends on your definition.

-There will be no n0 killing actions.
-This is a Choice Pokemafia game, meaning that all players will submit a pokemon to play as after signing up. Sending a backup in case of conflicts is not required, but if I get two or more of the same pokemon, I reserve the right to pick for myself.
-There won't be a limit on how many people can sign up.
-I will be closing signups on June 1st. The game will likely start 24-48 hours after that, though I'll give myself more time to balance the setup in case of later joiners.
-I may or may not have copied most of this OP from Zori.


am i nothing but stars to you?
oh man it do be june 1st

@mewtini please send pick asap if you're still in!! if i dont hear from you by june 2nd ill probably have to end up dropping you


hailing from a distant land
i can sub if you need one etc etc

or in if it's not too late but i expect it is