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So uh... Hey y'all.


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The user formerly known as Jack_the_PumpkinKing here.

I've been periodically following farla's Dragon Quill blog (although just as a guest; never bothered to register), and seeing familiar faces from the comments made me feel pretty sentimental and want to return here.

Gosh, it's been since, like, 2010 or maybe 2011. Tbh, to my memory, I mostly stopped posting here because I was running out of steam trying to ref ASB and juggle that with college, and I got too guilty/ashamed at not having finished a reffing that I just avoided logging on at all. Oops.

Well, now I've been out of college almost a year and find myself with more free time on my hands, oddly enough. I'm working as a newspaper copy editor/layout designer now, and it's wonderful being able to work with words without, y'know, having the pressure of actually writing things. Haha.

I had the intention of starting anew in ASB now that I'm back, but I see from the forum announcements that there's been oodles of drama. What's the general mood? Should I go ahead and get back into it, or has the drama killed it? (I certainly don't want to even try reffing yet, in fear that I'll put myself under too much imaginary pressure again, lol)

Speaking of killed, I'm sad to see there's only one thread still running in the Safari Zone game. What's happened there? Did it just wind down for no real reason, or has some big event (some key person's departure? more drama?) more or less done it in? Anybody interested in revving it up again?

Anyway, I'm glad to be back and I look forward to chatting with y'all again! (And meeting those of you who've joined since I left, too!)

Edit: Now that this is posted, I see I apparently have 999 posts. Serendipity or something broken on the forums? I guess I won't know until post 1000.


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Ohey Jack, nice to see you back! It's Meowth here.

ASB's still very much going strong! Things were a little uncertain around the time the drama was unfolding and there seem to have been a fair few walkouts in the aftermath, but I'd say as of now it's going stronger than ever. Everything else on the forum's kinda atrophied of its own accord, though, SZ and Mafia included.


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Staff member
lol Farla is to blame for everything.

Welcome back again! Glad to hear your job's working out well for you; it sounds like fun.

As for ASB, it's probably best for you to take a look around and decide for yourself if you like what you see. No idea about the Safari Zone, but I think it was just a slow fade, really.


blame telegram
The funny thing is I found farla's blog completely independently of you guys! I got linked to her Hunger Games sporkings via TVTropes around the time the second movie had come out (long after I'd left here), and then suddenly a bunch of y'all were in the comments!