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Song Choice Mafia IV: Love And Revenge (INNOCENT WIN)

Zora of Termina

forget your high society
fucking guess

It’s been about a month since the forceful takeover of the Showhouse by the malicious lioness of a song known as Be Prepared. The previous owner, Hot Mess, was thrown to the clutches of the Beast that lurks the Showhouse, never to be seen again…

And perhaps, now that she was gone, the patrons of this theater think to themselves, the merciless slaughter would end and the building could be used for what it was intended for: a nice place for people to enjoy some good music.

This was not to be so.

For one lone survivor from the seizure of the Showhouse remains: Hot Mess’ lover, Unfurl. It goes without saying that after barely escaping and witnessing the ritual sacrifice of his love, that the former co-owner would seek revenge, the death of her murderer.

So it seems that the murders have begun again. The Beast is once again awakened by the smell of fresh blood as a fresh set of murders stains the stage. It would seem Unfurl has granted his blessing, the blessing of murder, to a select lucky few, whom are given one mission.

“Kill the newest patrons of the Showhouse and feed them to the beast, And don’t stop until you’ve murdered the owner herself.”


Role PMs have been sent out. Please alert me if I missed you.

48 Hours to send in night actions.
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Re: Song Choice Mafia IV: Love And Revenge (Night 0)

The first morning begins with a chill in the air. The patrons of the Showhouse count their heads, and immediately notice two of their own missing.

It doesn't take long to find the first, as they find his head served on a platter on the stage, blood dripping everywhere from the bits of his body that have been cut into steaks according to where the parts might be on a cow. The internal organs sit to the side, arranged carefully back into the order they would technically be in if they were still inside his body, and the skeleton is arranged nearby that. His face appears frozen into a permanent look of terror.

yiran is dead. He was innocent.

The second body is tougher to track, but eventually they catch the scent of blood down a back hallway. In the alleyway in back of the Showhouse, they find Coloursfall with quite a less gruesome death: shot to death multiple times, vials of dangerous drugs still in his hands. It becomes clear very quickly what side he was on.

Coloursfall is dead. He was Mafia.

24 hours for discussion.

I must request that anyone who received a role PM please send a copy of it back to me, with only the text of the role within. The document I had them in got eaten.
Re: Song Choice Mafia IV: Love And Revenge (Night 0)

Well, it looks like our mafia is massively creepy! Great. 8(

But it's unusual that we have two deaths on night zero! And a mafia member too. Likely a mafia roleblocker or poisoner kind of role, or something. I'd guess roleblocker judging solely by Colours' lyrics. But that's always a positive! Mafia roleblockers are a right pain in the arse.

But okay, who's the vig who shot on night zero? I've only seen that happen and have them get lucky in one game - and that was one I GMed, in fact! It's not a. very good strategy.

Oh god I hope there's not multiple factions I hate those.
Re: Song Choice Mafia IV: Love And Revenge (Night 0)

I would think yiran was a bomb, but the flavor text leads me to believe otherwise.
Re: Song Choice Mafia IV: Love And Revenge (Night 0)

Colours, you treacherous snake! You got what you deserved. Lucky vig shot...

My goodness Yiran's death was... creepy. Who would do such a thing?
Re: Song Choice Mafia IV: Love And Revenge (Night 0)

The flavor text doesn't seem to support the yiran was a bomb, and I guess I'm assuming that Colours was a very lucky vig shot?

Pretty much echoing what others have already said, but I don't really have any other leads or ideas.
Re: Song Choice Mafia IV: Love And Revenge (Day 1)

Yeah, I'm guessing that Colours was a vig kill too. Nothing really to go on though.
Re: Song Choice Mafia IV: Love And Revenge (Day 1)

I'm going to vote to abstain, especially given that we had two players die on night zero. there's no need to lynch someone for no reason if nobody has anything to add u__u
Re: Song Choice Mafia IV: Love And Revenge (Day 1)

Well this is turning out to be a running theme for the Mafia Games I'm in. Mafia gets shot on the first night. Kinda funny when you think about it.

But yeah, that is one lucky vig unless we hit on a 'Brothers' role somewhere. Other than that, I'll Abstain with the rest of you.

Yay bandwagon
Re: Song Choice Mafia IV: Love And Revenge (Day 1)

*hides* i... hate dem bandwagons. but...

Re: Song Choice Mafia IV: Love And Revenge (Day 1)

Popping in to abstain. I am pretty occupied irl atm.(sorry phone)

My uncle attempted suicicde and burned so many bridges that I'm all he's got. I'll still be checking in, but might not talk much.
Re: Song Choice Mafia IV: Love And Revenge (Day 1)

Yeah might as well abstain too.
Re: Song Choice Mafia IV: Love And Revenge (Day 1)

The day closes without any sort of agreement made by the patrons (besides maybe that the Mafia this round are sick fucks.)

No one has died.

24 hours for night actions.
Re: Song Choice Mafia IV: Love And Revenge (Day 1)

The next morning winds up the same as the last. Two heads missing from the crowd. Once again, they find her on the stage... in a pot of still-boiling water. She appears to have been in a fight earlier, they determine from examining the bloated, piping hot corpse, and there is a bullet wound in her shoulder, but it was almost definitely the boiling water that killed her.

Sunflower is dead. She was Innocent.

The next body is found in the hallway, still clutching the gun. He looks to have been Sunflower's victim. Nothing really more to that.

Lyra Heartstrings is dead. He was Innocent.

A note drops down from the ceiling.

"We apologize for the random 48 hour night phase. Those responsible have been sacked."

24 hours to discuss.
Re: Song Choice Mafia IV: Love And Revenge (Day 1)

... Right. If we assume the flavour text is at all useful - and sometimes it isn't! - possibly Sunflower was a vigilante of some kind, and Lyra may have been a bodyguard? Or Lyra's role involved the death of whoever killed him, I suppose, but bodyguard roles are a little more common.

I suppose that leaves us to wonder who Sunflower was targeting, supposing she was vig. Which I'm not sure about; Sunflower doesn't seem like the kind of vigilante player to target someone with no reason to do so...? I don't know. Possibly it was a role that necessitated targeting every night (paranoid gun owner?) or something. I don't know, wah.
Re: Song Choice Mafia IV: Love And Revenge (Day 1)


Day phase has been extended by 48 hours. NOW GET TALKING.
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