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Song Choice Mafia VI: Bullet's Remix [Night 0]


Take me to Wonderland
The figure leans back against beam, watching them getting started with their discussion and investigations. Though the songs can't see them,the figure is smiling now that they have found one of the Shadows among them.

That smile disappears as one of the songs break off from the others, pulling out a strange box from their bag. Shifting from their spot, they watch as the Song opens the strange box and holding out before them. Before anyone could blink, the light of day was sucked out of the room, time twisting before them and the very sun outside being forced to set.

Someone has ended the day early.
All we can do is hope this will not end badly.

The Day has Ended prematurely by one of you.
48 Hours to send in Night Actions.


Take me to Wonderland
At last the day came, bringing with it a sense of ease to the Song. They were alright, they were alive, and they had found a Shadow not long ago. They were going to be alright as long as they can work together and find the other Shadows.

Creeping over to the Main Stage, they wait as the Beast arrives. Somehow they have become accustomed to this routine of sleeping, waking, waiting for the Beast and doing the bloody dance of 'whodunit'

Taking a quick look around, they can see they are still all here. Someone must have been lucky last night.

No one died
48 Hours to discuss