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Song Choice Mafia VII: 80's Edition

Ether's Bane

future Singaporean
Wait, what's this?

For some unknown reason, we find ourselves in the Showhouse, back in the 1980's!

Somehow, there has been a rift in the time-space continuum that has sent the Showhouse and everything in it back to the 80's!

Lousy goddamn stupid time shenanigans.

Fortunately, there are some songs out there who are intrepid and daring enough to attempt to expose the secret of this random Showhouse time-warp and escape back to the present day. However, the Beast has found out about this and has sent a team of agents to kill off all songs who attempt to do so, preventing the time shift from ever being fixed. With this in mind, though, it has been agreed by the innocents that only native songs of this era should attempt this quest, as they have inside knowledge of this time. However, the Beast's agents are all of this time as well. This will make for some interesting (and fatal) scenes...


For those of you who aren't familiar with how the last few games worked, you will choose a song. I will then choose for you a role based on that song.

-48 hour phases. Extensions might be given if deemed necessary.
-No role limit, but a minimum of 13-14 players.
-Maximum of three abstains in this game.
-Out-of-thread communication is NOT allowed.
-As you've probably guessed, every song chosen MUST have been released (either as a single or as part of an album) in one of the years between (and including) 1980-1989. If in doubt, check Wikipedia.
-Cover versions are fair game as long as the cover was released in the 80's.
-Cover versions of 80's songs released after the 80's are NOT allowed to be chosen.
-No lyric-less songs.
-Be active! I will do inactive kills after either four non-consecutive inactive nights or two consecutive inactive nights. If there's any reason you can't participate let me know ahead of time if you can.
-As these games are taking place at different times on the time-space continuum, this game will run parallel to Song Choice Mafia VI.
-You cannot use a song that has been used in a previous Song Choice Mafia.
-Have fun guys, really that's what this is for.
I'd like to request a wider range of time. Because of my very narrow music library I don't know any 80s songs =/
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