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Spoilers: Help with Crystal Cave?


Ok, so I am chasing after Grovyle and trying to beat him to the Time Gear. Only problem is that, well, I happen to be a Pikachu, and the Graveller there are EVIL! T.T Fuck you Magnitude

Any hints? My team is:

Pikachu (Eric) - Level 24
Totodile (Shadowater) - Level 23
Chingling (Bell) - Level 21
Larvitar (Rage) - Level 25

Totodile is, of course, my partner


I was a Pikachu too. I don't remember Crystal Cave all too well (it's been months since I beat it), but my best suggestion is... I guess just to let Shadowater fight the majority of the Graveler for you, I guess. :/

(And if you die, I can rescue you :D)

Involuntary Twitch

I want the earth to spin in the opposite direction
KO them from a distance using throwing items, maybe? And bring plenty of Monster house-clearing items, and pure seeds, and yeah just be generally well-stocked.

There aren't many strategies to PMD short of "level up, get good items, use brute force."


X3 I managed to get through it before you guys answered, and stayed up all night beating the game

x.x By the way, I think my brain wants to stab me. Oh well

XD I managed to get lucky and avoid the Magnitudes when I went back in