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Starter Shop

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Bouncing Off Clouds
Starter Shop

A kind, graying man greets you as you walk through the door, a bronzong-styled bell alerting your presence. "Hello!" he says cheerfully. "You must be an aspiring Safari Zone trainer, eh? Well, I've got imported starters from all regions right outside." He gestures for you to follow him to the wide fenced-in backyard, where dozens of young pokémon of fire, water, and grass type (and even a small nest of pikachu) galumph and frolic in the meadow, shade, and pond.

"They're all male, and there's no alternate-colored ones," he comments as a cyndaquil rubs against his ankle, looking for a treat. "Choose whoever strikes your fancy, and he'll be your brand new, very first pokémon partner! After you make your decision, go down to the bank and let them know that you'd like to join, along with which species you chose as your starter."

bulbasaur charmander squirtle
Bulbasaur (4 in stock)
Charmander (4 in stock)
Squirtle (3 in stock)
Pikachu (5 in stock)
Chikorita (3 in stock)
Cyndaquil (4 in stock)
Totodile (4 in stock)
Treecko (3 in stock)
Torchic (4 in stock)
Mudkip (4 in stock)
Turtwig (5 in stock)
Chimchar (3 in stock)
Piplup (3 in stock)


Just outside the Starter Shop, a figure in shades pokes his head around the corner.

"Psst!" he calls to you from the shadows. You look around, notice him, and step into the alley warily. He pulls down his fedora and grins. "Hey, kid. I hear you're starting your Safari Zone journey, eh? Gonna be a pokémon master and all that jazz? Yeah, yeah, that's cool. But you don't want one of those puny starters, do ya? Nah, I didn't think so. A punk like you, ya want somethin' special, doncha? Well, have I got the guys for you."

The strange man flings open his trenchcoat, and you shield your eyes instinctively. On second glance, you realize that the only flashing going on is the gleam of light off of three shiny pokéballs. "Whaddya say, kid? Your choice of quality-tested, boss-approved pokémon. Guaranteed." You notice he doesn't say guaranteed for what.

"Hey, so you gonna take advantage'a this opportunity? Offer won't last, pal. No tellin' when we might get another supply."

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I would like a Charmander, if you could be so kind as to furnish me one. I have never played this game before, so I hope I don't make any novice mistakes...
GUYS. Stop posting. He's said at least three times post your choice in the bank thread and besides what with all the backup all your choices have probably been already taken.
I'm not sure if I can edit it like that, but it's a good idea... I'll try.

FOR FUTURE REFERENCE: If you're new here and want an account, welcome! Please let me know your choice of starter when you request an account in the bank thread. This is only for seeing if your choice is in stock. Sankyuu.
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