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One-Shot Stay Grounded


tender chimkin nugget
A response to Flyer Fox.

You once told me you watched everyone fly away. I once told you you were the best friend I never had. The one who was always there for me, the one I could count on. You gave me a shoulder to cry on and arms to fall into.

What did I ever do to deserve you? I could never, would never ask for anything more.

So here's to the gold we struck that October afternoon. You were the bread to my sammich and the sky to my wings; you held me together and held me up. After everything we've been through, do you truly expect me to fly away?


I will stay grounded. I'll stay here beside you, for both of our sakes. And I may fly, but everyday, or whenever you need me, I'll be at your side again. Whether you need a shoulder to cry on of arms to fall into, I'll be here for you.

I will stay grounded until it's your turn to fly. And when you take wing, I'll be flying with you.