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Strange Error in Ruby

Lord Mewtwo

Ok so I am not sure what this message is I am getting on one of my Ruby versions(I have two).

Every time I start the game I get this before being taken to the screen where I enter my save file:

"The internal Battery has run dry. The Game can be played. However, clock-based events will no longer occur."

What does this mean? And what caused it? I have not played the game for ages until I picked it up earlier this evening.


It means...that the battery has ran dry. Like it said. Berries won't grow any longer and such.

Try looking at this. It came up after not even a minute on google.


Pretty inactive
You should still be able to link your game up with Colosseum, XD or Box to fix the berry glitch, right? Unless you mean that the problem isn't caused by the berry glitch...

If you can't do that, you won't really lose a lot from the berry glitch. Berries aren't really needed in-game (with the exception of evolving Feebas, but you could probably ask a friend with the game to give you a Milotic or something) and you can probably go without using the lottery or going to Shoal Cave. I think your only worry is that trainers won't re-battle you, but I never really used the rebattle function when I played. Just think of it as an extra challenge I guess! :)