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Suicide Game! =D

The music falls into the ammo slot for the needler, giving the Needler infinite ammo and making the user (me) high. Unfortunatly I shoot myself with the Needler accidently and blow up.

I drop a Needler
I find myself in Halo Reach Firefight SURROUNDED by Covie's!!! Unable to get to the Needler I resort to my trusty combo of Battle Rifle in one hand and DMR in the other (cuz, Wynaut?) and I start blasting away!!! After 5 straight hours they eventually get the idea that I'm a fricking GOD, and the Covies being zealots (hence the name "Covenant") start to worship me! Now free of being shot at I go to claim the Needler, unfortunately I let my guard down for 1 second and get assassinated by Daffy Duck (for no better reason than "Wynaut?")! I drop the Needler (again) along with my DMR and Battle Rifle! (Oh, and piece of advice, if I have a DMR, worry!)
I dodge the needles, and use them to create the world's largest matchstick figurine. However, the former record holder is jealous, and destroys the sculpture, killing me in the process.

I drop the shattered remains of a 1:100 pink replica of the White House.
I decide to go driving through the countryside, but however while going down the M1, I get pulled over and the copper gets very suspicious about my having a pink 1:1000 scale of the White House in my boot (shouldn't that be the "Pink House", then?) and I get taken to the local copshop where I become a Prison Bitch, wherein I contract HIV and AIDS, from which I, well, die! (Bit anticlimatic, I know...) In fact, I drop said anticlimax!
I take said anticlimax and desperatelly try to turn it into a climax. I keep trying and trying, but nothing works. I can't sleep, thinking over ways of turning that anticlimax into a climax. I even start to forget to eat, which eventually causes me to starve to death. And the anticlimax is still an anticlimax.

I leave my memoires.
I pick up these memoires, thinking of them as SOMETHING to read! Unfortunately they don't take very long for me to read, so I wind up on another quest for something to read which takes me to an old abandoned bookshop by the name of Mumbo-Jumbo (thank you, my own work)! Inside I find all sorts of books on ancient cults and rituals! Out of curiosity I take them and start reading them until I start to have wierd dreams putting me into theropy! Unfortunately these start to drive my theropist insane forcing him to blow his own brains out with a nail gun in the middle of an aisle in B&Q, thus the police come for (again), and I wind up yet again being held in jail in which I am another prison bitch and I wind up contracting HIV and AIDS, thus killing me... I drop occult books! Beware...
The books drop open in front of me, so as I kneel down to read them, something grabs me, pulling me into the pages and trapping me within them
...They stole my soul in there. As such, I'm shoved out of the wretched books, leaving my dead body to drop helplessly down the side of the Empire State Building...
I see the body. Since I read too many necromancing novels, as well as having a necromancer as idol, I look up as many spells for reseructing dead people as possible, and use them all on the body. It rises, but as I do my victory dance, the zombie gets pissed at me and breaks my neck. Since it's killed its master, it colapses.
So now there's two bodies.
Hungry, I go cannibalistic and flame-broil the bodies to tender, juicy perfection. And then I die because the zombie was never killed, so it ripped my heart out.

It ALWAYS ends blatantly.
I find your heart and mistake it for a cookie. (don't ask why.) Upon eating it, I enrage a passing Mamoswine for some reason, which tramples me to death.

I drop all my dreams of becoming a video game programmer.
Even though I have those dreams as well, I'm not gonna realise them just for the sake of being mean. Once I die after becoming a famous video game programmer, I get sent to heaven, but they find out I did a mean thing to your dead memory, and they drop me to hell instead.

While falling, you can see one of my famous video games drop on your head.
I pick this game up and take it home as it conveniently plays on my console! I become hooked trying to complete it and write a guide for it at the same time! However I get so enthralled in it I kinda forget to eat, drink or even go to the toilet, and I thus end up catching up indescrbable diseases, thus causing my organs to systematically fail, first leaving me a vegetable, before killing me slowly with no song! (I wonder who'll get the reference?)

I drop a book of organ-oriented diseases!
I gorge myself on said pies, making myself incredibly obese (almost as though I'm either Scottish), and somehow find myself at some Spanish bull run, unfortunately as I am incredibly obese, I cannot outrun the bulls and wind up being stuck by several bulls, knackering my internal organs in the process (I can see a pattern emerging here...)!

I drop a steak knife!
A steak knife? Do I really need to explain how I die by this? *sigh* Fine.

*impaled through face*

*drops Lemonades*
I use my gravity gun to take the lemonade from the distance and drink it. I then try to crush the can on my head with the gravity gun and end up driving it through my brain.

I drop the gravity gun.
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