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Super Smash Bros. Brawl Mafia[closed]

(I wanted to be a Game Master too, it sounds fun, and hey, how hard can it be?)

1. Pretty much a normal, generic Mafia game, just with Brawl roles. So all normal rules apply here.
2. Discussing between players outside of the thread are not allowed unless specified otherwise.
3. If a night action is not sent in (for characters that have one), it will be randomized and target a random player(including themselves).
4. I'll need at least 12 players for this. Might add more roles if it gets very popular.


Master Hand-Mafia Don: Originally the creator of the Smash Bros. world, he's now being controlled and is a threat to their world. During the night, Master Hand chooses who to kill.
Crazy Hand-Mafia Goon: Master Hand's left-handed counterpart, he's far more destructive and impulsive than Master Hand. He helps Master Hand with the killings. If Master Hand dies, Crazy Hand will take over as the leader.

R.O.B-Terrorist: This robot choosed to help out the hands. R.O.B and the Mafia does not know who each other are. Any time during the day, he might choose to bomb another player, killing himself in the process. If inspected by Snake or killed, he'll show up as not Mafia.

Snake-Inspector: By using his Codec Conversations, he can find out if someone is Mafia or not. He can only use this once every night.
Peach-Healer: With her Final Smash, she can make peaches rain down and feed these to another player to heal them. If Peach and Kirby targets the same player, they'll die from an overdose.
Kirby-Healer: With his Final Smash, he can make different objects, including food, shoot out from his cooking pot, and feed another player to heal them. If Peach and Kirby targets the same player, they'll die from an overdose.
(yes I know this is not the main point of his Final Smash but he was the only one that would fit)
Mario and Luigi-Fishing Brothers: Each night they'll target a player of their choice. If one of them dies, the other one will kill that player in revenge.
Samus-Bulletproof: With her Power Suit she's difficult to hurt. The first time she's targeted by a kill, only her Power Suit will break and she'll not die. (You'll get a notice on PM if this happens. If targeted a second time, or lynched during the day, she'll die.
Other Brawlers: Nothing special about these, but they are on the other Brawlers' side.

Assist Trophy: This capsule, or rather the characters inside it, is not sure which side to join. The first night, it must choose to join the Mafia or Brawlers, and which character to use. It must use this character for the rest of the game.
These are Assist Trophy's choices:
Hammer Bro: Hammer Bro will kill a player of your choice. This can be used once every night. (Yeah, I know I could have picked another character for this, but almost EVERY Assist Trophy only attacks so I had to choose one)
Mr. Resetti: Mr. Resetti will go up to a player and give them long, boring lectures about various things. This will make them fall asleep, and making them unable to use their night action. This can be used once every night.
Nintendog: This little puppy might block the whole place, not letting people see who they hit and randomizing all night actions. This can only be used once during the game.
Lakitu: Flying high above the others, he's not easy to hit, and so any attemps to kill him during the night will have a 50% chance of failing. This is always in effect.

Bowser-Alien: The king of the Koopas, he's not easy to kill. If attacked by the Mafia, Mario/Luigi or Assist Trophy during the night, he'll not be killed, but turn into Giga Bowser. If Giga Bowser is choosed to be lynched duing the day, he'll go into a rage and kill everyone. This is the only way Bowser can win.

(I know some roles doesn't really fit, but hey, I tried.)
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