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Open Super Smash Bros.: Conspiracy

S. E.

I'm a crow, don't'cha know?
((OoC/Signups, rules, characters, and plot are here. This thread is for in-context posts.))

A shaft of golden light filtered in through the window. It was noon, and a congregation had formed where the light was cast on the floor. The supporters of Master Hand had assembled to discuss the downtaking of Crazy Hand. It may seem strange that they would choose to gather where anyone could find them, but it was decided they would meet there to provoke an attack; this was their way of challenging the opposition.

Meta Knight looked down from the window ledge. He had refused to take sides, instead observing from afar. But should violence break out, among themselves or in defense against Crazy Hand's servants, he would do what he had to to end it. Summoning his wings, he swooped down and perched on a nearby building to listen.

((Apologies for the very late post! The server has been fighting me every step of the way today.))

Blastoise Fortooate

Luigi shifted nervously from foot to foot, glancing over to his right. A green saurian creature stood there on two legs. Luigi sighed. This was really boring; the bad part was that he knew it wouldn't be so for long. The green man tugged at his moustache in anxiety.

Yoshi's eyes darted from one place to another, ever-curious as he was. Luigi wasn't looking too good. The 'plumber', who very rarely ever plumbed anything, was looking a bit more worried than was normal, even for him. Yoshi quickly put these depressing thoughts out of mind and continued looking around in anticipation.


It's over. I'm sorry, but it's over.
((Okay, I'm going to start off the best way I can.))

He didn't know where he was. All he knew is that this is where he had been told to go.

The white glove hovered erratically in the shadow of one of the many large objects in the room. He had been told to wait here for as long as possible until... someone would arrive.

He didn't have to wait much longer. there was a flicker of movement, and then a being appeared in front of the glove

"You're here. Now that's a genuine surprise."

The glove stiffened. "I was told to do what you said so I could play... I could hold fast... I could destroy. Now look what you've done to here... no, to us. War will come, and then what?"

The being, who was a fighter, let off a cruel laugh. "All I said was do as I say, and you'll be free of your counterpart. You've already started some dissent among the fighters. Keep pulling the strings, and all that you know will be yours to control."

"How can I... can we tell that you won't go back on your word... or rather, betray us and shoot us in the back... no, the front. Double-Cross isn't your type... it's not made for you."

Another laugh. "I could correct you on that, Crazy Hand. But I'll spare you as much. You don't really know what could possibly happen if this does indeed go exactly as I planned."

If Crazy Hand could show skepticism, he would. "What is your greater plan... your higher ideal of destruction?"

The fighter turned away, saying: "You need not know that. For now, return to your followers, and rally them to your side. If you can, rally more. Those will be your standing orders; expect to not hear from me until it goes into open combat."

With that, the fighter departed from the shadow. Crazy Hand let off his equivalent of a sigh and floated away from the shadow.

I was not told enough... not given everything I need. Something is being hidden... something is beyond my grasp. But what?


yan ya yan ya yaa iii yaaa
Megaman sighed as he looked around the room. The whole situation was Odd with a capital "O". The minute he had gotten here it seemed that everything got messed up, and not in the way it was supposed to be either.

His blue eyes scanned the room. A tall mustached man in all green was standing there with what looked like a green dinosaur.

Quite frankly, he wasn't very surprised. The doctor he found with on an almost yearly basis thought that basing a evil killer robot off of a sheep was a good idea, after all.

So the Blue Bomber smiled and approached the man, offering his hand. "Hi!" he said brightly. "I'm Megaman, but my friends and family call me Rock. You are?"
Bass growled. Quite frankly, this whole fight was idiotic. But he was in it for the bloodshed the the chance to work for someone actually competent for once in his life. The black robot lowed his eyelids and stared at the glove.

Had he really been reduced to following a Goddamned glove?

He groaned and walked towards the thing. "Hey," he said roughly. "I'm here. Now what?"


It's over. I'm sorry, but it's over.
Crazy Hand turned around sharply to stare at the Black robot

Oh, good. He wasn't... isn't... that other identity.

"Your job... your mission, rather is very easy... very plain. You are to rise up.... fight with those serving Master Hand. Those under my control will cause as much destruction as we can.... as much that can be accomplished. Once that has been achieved... once that has been accomplished-"

"We will become the supreme kings of this world, right?"

Crazy hand whirled around again to see a tall, blue hedgehog-like robot walking toward him.

"By eliminating those who stand in our way, we can conquer what is rightfully ours, and more importantly..." the robot clenched his hand into a fist, 'We will kill any biological that dares oppose us. That is our right. That is our destiny."

"Yes, yes," Crazy hand said, "But we must await for the arrival of others... the timing of their entrance. We will scatter once others have assembled... made their advent."

The blue robot noted the tension in Crazy Hand's voice. Given that one particular of his servants was missing, the robot known as Mecha Sonic knew that Crazy Hand should be nervous.

After all, he's the only other machine to have truly bested me...

((Given how I'm probably not going to be around for a while, I sincerely hope this doesn't go the way of the Outsiders and die while I'm away... and hopefully, I'll either have internet or be in a position where I can catch up.))


The fastest girl in town
Phoenix looked around nervously.

(This is the weirdest crew I've fallen into yet.) he thought, (I better acquaint myself with them.)

He walked over to the gang and coughed.

"Hello, I'm Phoenix Wright, a defense attorney." Phoenix said.

[I put his thoughts in parenthesis and in italics. Italics because that's how I'm used to it and parenthesis because that's the way it is in the series)


yan ya yan ya yaa iii yaaa
Bass eyed his..."comrade" (for lack of a better term) and snorted.

"So I have to work with a metal hedgehog, eh? Well, it's not anything weirder then the doc ever built."

Besides, this is my chance to crush the blueberry. He'll know that I am the most powerful Bioroid alive!
Bass clenched his fists and looked on determined.

Blastoise Fortooate

A young-looking human boy, wearing a body-covering blue suit-helmet-combo, had just walked up to Luigi and stuck out his hand.

The Green Plumber looked vaguely surprised at the hand proffered by this 'Megaman' and grabbed it with his own gloved one, shaking it hesitantly for a moment.

"Oh, uh, hi! I'm-a Luigi," the tall utility worker said in a thick Italian accent. "And, uh, dis is a-Yoshi!"

In contrast with the shy plumber, Yoshi was eager to meet-and-greet with this new person. He peered closely at Megaman, eyes wide with curiosity. He sniffed wildly at the boy, tongue hanging from his mouth slightly.

Luigi looked embarrassedly at his new acquaintance, sighing but grinning ever so slightly. Yoshi did this all the time... Oh, who was this?

There was a man with slicked-back, pointy-looking hair, wearing a blue suit. Oddly, this wasn't a very strange sight around these parts. Luigi decided to interact with this new person, too.

"Oh, uh, hi," Luigi was very eloquent. "I'm-a Luigi. What da mushrooms is a 'defense attorney?"


The fastest girl in town
"Haven't you ever heard a lawyer?" Phoenix asked.

Phoenix took a breath.

"Well, a defense attorney is someone who helps people who are being accused of crimes." he explained, "They go to court in order to defend the person. There is also another lawyer there, who tries to prove your client guilty. That is called a prosecutor."

(I bet he didn't understand any of that.)


It's over. I'm sorry, but it's over.
"Now then, we need to wait for several more of your servants," Mecha Sonic said, "I tell you now, though, I grow weary of this waiting, and if they do not arrive soon, I'll-"

"You'll what?"

Mecha Sonic turned around to see a silver and black robot that would easily be twice the size of an adult human, if it were life-sized. As it was, it towered over Mecha Sonic. A glowing ring surrounded its body, and each end terminated in a cylindrical tank, giving the robot two. The two fists of the robot were disembodied from the rest of its body, and they were currently pressed together in front of it. It lower body looked like the bottom of a metallic cloak, and it too was disembodied.

"Saturn! How nice of you to join us," Mecha glanced at Crazy Hand, who seemed no less tense.

"Humanoid machine, this is Saturn, one of the greatest machines to ever exist... he even outclasses me."

"I'm flattered," Saturn said with no emotion in his voice. "Now then, who's missing? The sooner they all arrive, the sooner he-" he pointed at Crazy Hand "-can give us our full assignment and send us on our merry way."

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S. E.

I'm a crow, don't'cha know?
"I'm sorry to keep you waiting, my lord." It was Duftmon. "I wasn't sure of where we would be meeting." He looked up. Crazy Hand was exactly what his name would suggest. "What are we discussing?"

((I choose... a very bad time to post. Sorry to keep everyone.))

Blastoise Fortooate

"No, I'm-a sorry, I've-a never heard of a 'low-your'," Lugi mispronounced. " But I have a-da question; If the person you're-a defending is a da-criminal, why do you not a-just throw him in da jail?" Luigi was genuinely puzzled at this, as most of the crime in Mushroom Kingdom was of the 'take over the world and/or kidnap Princess Peach' kind.

Storm Earth and Fire

Would you like to make a contract?
Yuri jogged her way to the meeting spot. Questions filled her mind as she arrived. Suspicion as well.

Just what kind of people will show up?, she pondered.

Yuri then stopped as soon as she saw a building. Peering through a window, Yuri noticed people inside. They didn't look like anything much, though, a green dinosaur, a lanky man in green, a young man in a suit, and a boy in blue.

Well they don't look dangerous., Yuri thought.

Turning towards the door into the space, Yuri tightened the belt on her gi and took a deep breath.

Hopefully something good comes of this., she thought as she pushed the door open.

"Is this where everyone whose fighting Crazy Hand is meeting?", Yuri asked of the others.


yan ya yan ya yaa iii yaaa
"Well, Mr. Wright, in my experience, prisons don't hold people very well," Megaman said. He laughed and put his hand behind his head. "Then again, most criminals don't build robots to bust them out..."

Bass glared at Mecha Sonic. "Please. I am the greatest machine to ever exist." And of course, he also had to work with some weird animallike thing.

Eight more of Wily's robots never looked better.


Knight of Void
A boy of about 17 wearing the oddest red outfit you would ever see looked around at the motley group. He was a complete stranger, but is completely ready to fight off the forces of Crazy Hand. He gripped his fathers' blades, Flamberge and Vorpal Blade, with a sense of excitement for a fight. "Just come and try us Crazy Hand!"


It's over. I'm sorry, but it's over.
Saturn took one look at Bass and let off several loud, derisive noises. Chances were this was his best equivalent to laughing,

"You don't even look like you could handle some... what did you call them, Mecha Sonic? Oh, right. Egg Pawns. You don't look like you could handle those."

He paused. "Actually, that's being unfair... toward the Egg Paw-"

"Enough," Crazy Hand said, "I want not discord... no dissent... no infighting. Most of us are here, so I shall begin it... initiate it."

He floated until he was in front of and above the four fighters.

"My servants, today begins the day... moment... time that we take... conquer this world. For too long we have faltered... fallen... stood in the shadows of those who serve my counterpart. That wil end... finish... conclude in time, starting with this day.

"Your directive... purpose... order is simple: seek out those who serve my counterpart. If they know... have learned of the location of my counterpart, learn.... force it from them. After that, or if they lack... do not have it, eliminate... destroy... kill them.

"There are few of us for now, so you could possibly... theoretically travel together. But something..." his gaze lingered on Saturn, then Bass, "Tells me this would be unwise. I advise... suggest that you travel in pairs... at most.

He turned around. "Those are your commands... your orders. Carry them out, and these battles... this war will be ours."

S. E.

I'm a crow, don't'cha know?
((One of these days, we should probably decide where they're actually at with Crazy Hand. One Hand should have claim on Final Destination...))

"Yes, my lord," Duftmon gave a small bow before turning to face the others. "I'll take the organizing from here. We should send a scout or two to see where the resistance is massing." He paused, studying the three before him. "Who volunteers?"


It's over. I'm sorry, but it's over.
((One of these days, we should probably decide where they're actually at with Crazy Hand. One Hand should have claim on Final Destination...))
((Probably Master, mostly because he came first. And Crazy Hand's lair... what's some sort of sinister stage?))

Mecha Sonic and Saturn exchanged glances before looking at the strange animal.

"I'm not going to be taking orders from an inferior biological," Mecha Sonic said, his calm tone barely hiding his anger, "I am surprised and insulted that you would even think of ordering around superior beings such as Saturn and I."

"It does have a point," Saturn said to Mecha Sonic, "If one of us does go out alone and finds the enemy base, they could signal us and we'd make the mass charge."

"Then I don't suggest you go then," Mecha said, more angry over Saturn taking the creature's side, "You're hardly built for stealth."

"That's exactly why I was going to go," Saturn said, and Mecha got the impression that if he could grin savagely, he would, "My power will likely send the enemy fleeing, and I will signal you to help chase them to their hideout."

Mecha started to say something, but then chose not to. He'd contradicted Saturn once before, and barely remained functioning to regret it.

"Now then, I'll head out. But one more thing..." he directed this toward the creature:

"don't ever act like you're in charge in front of me."

And with that, he floated away.

Mecha Sonic stared after Saturn for several long moments.

"Now then, more of us should split up and fan out in wider directions. We will cover more ground by fanning out our forces."

S. E.

I'm a crow, don't'cha know?
((Erm... no idea. We may have to make something up.))

Rage flared up in his chest. Under his breath, he growled, "I am not an 'inferior biological.' I am a Digimon!" Struggling to compose himself, Duftmon went on. "Right. Let's move out." He got down on all fours as he morphed into a quadruped form. Glaring back at Bass and Mecha Sonic, he added, "If any of you ever again call me, advanced form of artificial life that I am, 'inferior,' I will show you how superior I truly am. Remember that." He pelted off, scowling.


It's over. I'm sorry, but it's over.
Mecha Sonic watched the so-called Digimon run in an unknown direction.

Interesting. Such technology exists to create something like that?

There are certainly some strange beings in this world.

He jetted upward, attempting to gain a better view form the sky

((This is probably a stupid question, but what would the "terrain" of the room be?))