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Open Survive the Darkness or Die [13+ Swearing, blood, violence]


hopefully back??
Survive the Darkness or die [13+ Swearing, blood, violence]

For thousands of years, Werewolves and Vampires have been enemies, killing eachother coldly. Now, this is brought to the Pokémon world. Where peace once were, the evil roams. Humans and normal Pokémon are almost extinct, killed by creatures so vicious and bloodthirsty, you could never imagine. They tear you apart, drink your blood, eat your flesh and chew your bones till there’s nothing left. The only protection the humans have, are they trusted Pokémon who would never leave them for anything, the light and the hope. However, hope there is little of, the light is gone and can only be seen by those with true hope, and most of the Pokémon are not to be trusted, they flee.

The cities and towns are gloomier, scarier and darker, as if the sun is long gone. The houses are in runies, same with all the other places. There are no safe places, anywhere, but somewhere you are more safe than other places.
The forests are dangerous as hell, you cannot see light, the trees are bare and red eyes of vicious creatures glow everywhere, you must always pay attention. Those creatures kills you with their sharp claws and eats you, or if you are bitten and survives, you will turn into one of them.
The underground and sewers iare no better places, as there roams the creatures that drink your blood for life and turn you to slaves, zombies, for a limited amount of time. Sometimes, at night, they come out to roam the streets. They lurk in corners, dark alleyways, you are never safe from anything, even your Pokémon may betray you anytime.

There’s little food, and if you want to survive you must get used to drink dirty water and eat trash and dead Pokémon and humans, well, unless you are one of the Pokémon who eats different things, and not meat (Aggron for example, who eats metal).

You must survive all this, but how?
You must fight. Fight for space, food, water, safety. If you are lucky, you can join a gang of humans or Pokémon to live together.“Safety in numbers”.
-- -- -- --

You are basicly either a Werewolf, a Vampire, Half-Werewolf, Human or Pokémon.

The Werewolves are canine, lupine or feline Pokémon that have turned were either by being born so, or bitten by a werewolf. They usually live in the forest, preying on weaker and stronger animals in a pack. Werewolves fear fire, not light, as it might set fire on their homes and their fur will buuuurrnn!! They are normal Pokémon at day (though they might have some distinguishing features that shows that they are werewolves or half-weres, like bigger fangs, bigger claws etc. and werewolves at night (They change to a more vicious and bigger creature. They often have changed colour (like an Espeon might turn black or grey (Colours of wolves, like brown, grey, black, white, orange and golden. It may also be varied))) they have bigger fangs and claws etc. And their eyes are always red at night.

The Vampires are undead Pokémon or humans that live on blood from other creatures. They bite the victim, the victim becomes paralyzed after 5 minutes so that the vamp can suck blood out of it in peace, then when they are finished, the victim will come in a zombie-like state (In other words, it will become limp and will not be able to think on it's own. It will be able to move, but veeeryy slowly, and the vampire that bit it will be able to control it) then dies after 1 hour. The zombies are, however, not aggressive unless they are told to by their master, even if you hit it several times with a club.(There is a cure to turn you back human or Pokémon, though, but that's a plant living in the werewolves forest.) Back to the Vampires, they fear light most of all, so a good ol' flash will be a good repel from them. They live in the sewers and underground so beware there, sometimes, at night, they come out to roam the streets.

The Half-Weres are humans and non-canine, lupine and feline Pokémon that have been bitten by a Werewolf. If you are bitten by one, you may turn into a half-were yourself, however lupine, canine and feline you are. Half-weres often have small fangs, claws and some other things, like red eyes. Yes, all half-weres have red eyes.

Humans are... normal people. You can have Pokémon, but you don't have any Pokéballs, so the only thing that bonds you and your Pokémon is your trust to each other and your friendship, in other words, your Pokémon may abandon you anytime. You are hunted on by Werewolves for your flesh and Vampires for your blood, so are your Pokémon.

The Pokémon are Pokémon. You may also be with a human, preferably someone elses character.

-No spamming, flaming or bashing.
-Do not godmod (Control stuff you shouldn’t control), timemod (Controlling time yourself) or control other players characters without permission.
-You can steer NPC’s.
-You can’t be a legendary.
-There is no plot, just survive.
-Post at least 3 times a week, and tell me if you’re going to be gone.
-Post more than one sentence. Please.
-Use proper grammar. Absolutely no 1337 speak here. You’ll get kicked out without a warning. (1337 speak: 1 0WNz u |31G71M3! = I own you big time!)
-If you’re going to make your Pokémon’s appearance special, do write a reason for why it is like that! Don’t overdo it!
-You’re not the über Pokémon that is can make a building move with a whiff. I am
-HUmans do not understand Pokémon speech.

Race: Human, Pokémon, werewolf etc.
Appearance: If you’re a Werewolf, describe how you are as a werewolf and how you are in your Pokémon form.
Personality: Optional, can be PO
Bio: Doesn’t need to be big, just some basic info, place born, home, family.

Name: Verigon
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Race: Werewolf Lucario
And as a normal Lucario, he has fangs and grey stripes instead of black.
Personality: Verigon is an always meat-hungry carnivore with no mercy for prey or enemies. His personality changes as he transformed at night to his darker side, the side which he cannot control fully, his werewolf side.

At daytime, Verigon would act calm but quick-tempered. He would attack his prey and enemies without mercy still, though. If Elra, the Mightyena were, weren't at his side, he would probably always be a bloodthirsty, merciless and vicious beast. Elra calms him down when he is angry, and is always at his side.

At night, Verigon is the bloodthristy, merciless, vicious beast that even Elra has problems calming down. Verigon will kill and hurt without a second thought unless it is a really special situation.

Verigon will protect family and loved with his life, even though that is a tough promise to hold at night. He have always dreamt of having a family, having child, preferably with Elra.
Relationships: None with characters of other members, but with Elra the Mightyena werewolf, an NPC.
Other: Nah.

Verigon/Werewolf Lucario - Bakuphoon
Tei/Werewolf Absol - Cryptica

Zuriwinda Lamya/Vampire Lopunny - Full Metal Cookies
Draghulf/Vampire Salamence - Time Psyduck
Venom/Vampire Mightyena - Blaziking 175

Timothy Moon/Half-Werewolf human - moon-panther

Violet/Human - Evoli

Amie/Jolteon - Miyari

moon-panther's character, Timothy Moon, and FMC's character, Zuriwinda Lamya, are mates, despite being so different.

That should be it, enjoy!
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I can't beleive no one's posted yet.

Name: Blade
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Race: Human
Appearance: A typical male teen. Black hair, blue eyes, a white tee, black pants, black wristbands and white sneakers. Caucasian
Personality: Secret, shy, but will talk to his buddies.
Bio: None knows where he was born, but probably somewhere near Niagra Falls/Lake Valor, his home is the streets of NY/Johto, and his family, all of the died.
Pokemon: Umbreon(Moon, Male)Moon started out as Blade's Eevee, who he named Moon because he got it at night. Moon would never leave Blade because of years of trust and they depend on each other
Relationships: Mayari-Amia
Other: None
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Actually more of a harmour fan
I didn't want to be the first one to post, for some reason.

Name: Tei
Gender: Male
Age: 19 (in Pokemon years)
Race: Werewolf Absol

Normal - Normal Absol except with longer fangs than usual.
Werewolf - will put up pic later...
His blade is much bigger, and so is his tail. His claws are longer and his fur is a silvery color. All of this nearly triples his weight, but also his strength.
Bio: Tei was born a werewolf and lived solitarily in the forest. He confronted anyone who came across his path. His father is Gos the Mightyena, and his mother is Sash the Absol.
Relationships: Has hatred for humankind.
Other: none.
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Name: Zuriwinda Lamya
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Race: Vampire Lopunny
Appearance: Zuriwinda is tall and plump, her body curving at the hips and bust. Her fur is a pale, almost white-brown from living in the darkness for so long. Her face is calm and serene, a pale whitish like the rest of her fur, with two large bloody-red eyes. She usually has a soft smile on her face, which helps her lull her pretty into a sense of security. The fur that is usually a pale brown is snow-white on her.
Personality: Zuriwinda is an… odd creature to say the least. She can be sweet and loving one second, then rip you apart the next. She prefers to keep to herself.
Bio: Zuriwinda was born what she is, and raised by her father and mother in an abandoned church in the woods. She left home five years ago, and has been wandering ever since…
Relationships: None, unless someone wants to…?
Other: um. Moo?

Time Psyduck

I can see the ending
Name: (The) Draghulf
Gender: Male
Age: 143
Race: Vampire Salamance
Appearance: As normal, apart from larger fangs and being much darker than normal-he appears almost black
Personality: A mindless savage driven by one thing - blood. His desire for blood can result in him consuming his victims, and they are almost always drained completely.
Bio: He became a vampire (I assume he's force-fed vampire blood or something) as a young bagon, and whilst he once tried to fight his craving for blood, he gave up on evolving from shelgon.
Relationships: None - he's got no intelligence
Other: He's very stong and fast, but without a mind it's not exactly hard to outsmart him.
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hopefully back??
Time Psyduck accepted. We'll need at least one more human and a Pokémon before we start.

And Chaostres, I don't think so. Isn't it enough with one?


hopefully back??
Start now. Sign ups are still open though.

It is morning, though the sun is blocked by dark clouds, and you can't move them or make them disappear, for some reason.

Btw, I forgot to say, some werewolves are anthro, which means they can stand and walk like a human.

A Lucario was curled up in a cave, a pile of bones to his right. His ear twitched, he heard sounds. He sniffed the air, it smelled pleasing to him, the smell of...

Verigon opened his eyes quickly and looked up at a Mightyena, it had huge fangs and it was darker than normal. The Mightyena growled lowly as if she said "Get up. Now." Verigon nodded and stood up.

"Mornin', Elna." He nodded his head. "I smell freshly killed prey. Have you gone hunting?"

"Yes. I found a Buneary, but I ate it soon, then continued hunting. Then I found a mourning Lopunny, it was so busy mourning it didn't see me, and I soon broke it's neck. I suspect that the Lopunny mourned over it's child, probably that Buneary I had killed before." Erla's gaze swiftly moved to a dead Lopunny on the ground outside of the cave.

"Good to hear." Verigon said and walked over to the body. Blood was dripping from it's mouth and there was a big chunk missing of it's neck. "You took a bite, I see."

"Yeah, I was hungry." Erla changed attitude and smiled, then walked to the left side of Verigon. "You hungry?"

"... Yes. I am starving." Verigon replied and looked longingly at the dead, bloody corpse of the Lopunny. Erla smiled warmly, then nodded softly.

Verigon's tail wagged as he fell on his knees and started tearing up the flesh into pieces the size of his palm, so that he would have no problem swallowing them without chewing. He put a chuck in his mouth. He kept it in his mouth for a few seconds before swallowing it just to enjoy the taste, then greedily ate more and more.

"Hey, mind if I eat some before you take everything?" Erla said, and nudged Verigon's shoulder with her snout.

Verigon looked at her for a moment, those eyes like the were the beautifullest thing he had ever seen in his entire life of darkness. He smiled. "Yeff, yoph cann!" He had his mouth full of Lopunny meat, and some of it's fur hung out of his mouth.

Erla smiled, a smile full of love. The only love Verigon had seen and experienced was from her. Oh, how would his life be without her? He would have been darker, he could've been more eviller, but it was Erla who controlled him and kept his rage sealed.

"Hey... Hey! Verigon!" Someone said, and Verigon snapped out of his daydream. "Sorry I was just... Urr..." He noticed he was staring at her, and quickly moved his gaze to the meat, and tried to consentrate fully and only on it.

Erla giggled, then consentrated on eating too.

Time Psyduck

I can see the ending
The milktank stood no chance as the dark winged form charged out of the trees. The powerful dragon ripped the head from the doomed pokemon and drained the carcass of its blood in moments. The vampiric salamance dropped the remains and charged off again, but the decapitated Milktank clamberd to it's feet and followed, guided not by inteligence but simply by the desires of the creature which now exerted unwitting control of the remains.


Take me to Wonderland
Dang...I hope I'm not too late

Name: Timothy Moon
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Race: Half Were-wolf
Appearance: He has light chestnut hair and bright Honey colored eyes fused with the red of other Werewolf. He is tall and lean, wearing a torn blue shirt and ragged jeans torn in random places. He has a silver earring hoop in his left ear and a silver ring arounf his middle finger looking like a pair of wings locked together.

When he is in a Were-form, He looks like a brown Arcaine with redder eyes than his human form.

Personality: Kind. The rest will be played out during the RP

Bio: He is a odd half-werewolf, differnt from the others for one reason. He was born a half. His father was a werewolf and his "mother" was a human...so when he came to be, he was a half with slightly pointed ears and bigger canine teeth than other humans.

Relationships: Zuriwinda Lamya = Mates

Other: ...I hope this is alright....And me and FM have talked about he mate thing


hopefully back??
((That is okay. And you're not too late.

Think, Moon-Panther and FMC joining my RP! It's a real honour, no really it is.

And, yes, you're accepted :P))


hopefully back??
Verigon and Erla finished eating and sat down at the entrance of their cave.

"Hey, Ver, you wanna go to the city?" Erla asked Verigon, looking him straight in the eyes.

"Y-yeah, why not? Sure!" He stammered, he was not used to women looking at him like that. All the other races, the humans, Pokémon, vampires glared at him with fear, hatred, anger in their eyes, and he was so used to it, he returned the glare.

"C'mon, lets go then, before it gets dark!" Erla headed for the ruins of the city that once was Jubilife, a city blooming with life, and now, a city of darkness and evil, now called Jubideath.

Verigon looked back at what he had done before. Was he one of the evil creatures living here? He had killed with cold blood, shredding Pokémon, humans and vampires alike. But he had to. If he didn't he would die, and Erla too, and if their cubs -if they were going to have cubs- continued doing like their parents, refuse to kill anything, they would starve to death.
No. Verigon shooked his mental head. Kill or be killed. Eat or be eaten. That is the law of nature.
But he was one of the evil creatures, however much he wanted to refuse it.

"Are you cooomiiing, Ver?" Erla was on the road already, without knowing it himself, Verigon just sat there with a blank expression.

"Yeah," With that, the Were-Lucario stood up and followed Erla on the road to Jubideath, the city of darkness and evil.

Wow, I post a lot in my own RPs o.O


Take me to Wonderland
((That makes me happy to read that. This looked like a very nice RP and FM said I should give it a whirl. To tell the truth, I was going to join anyways *chuckle*))

Timmy yawns as he wakes from where he dropped off to sleep the night before, not remembering much of that night. He sighs when he sees the blood on his hand and chest, use to seeing these things in the morning.

"Seems I killed someone last night Zuri...wonder who it was"

He turn to his side to look over at his mate,only to not find her there. He looks around at where he slept, then a horrible thought came to mind. He looked down at the blood on his hands in horror.

"Did I...did I eat her...No..this isn't the smell of her blood..."

He drops his hands to his sides, relived that it wasn't her blood.

"Zuri..where are you?"


Lalala, lalala~
Name: Amia
Gender: Female
Age: 24 in human years
Race: Mortal Jolteon
Appearance: Amia looks like an ordinary Jolteon, but her fur is sharp and covered in various dirts and filth. The area around her mouth, paws, and eyes are almost black from scavenging and even more filth. She also has a watchful, but tired and weary expression most of the time.
Personality: Played out
Bio: Amia was bred in a daycare, but was forced to run away because the vampires attacked everyone in it. After wandering out, survivng with Flash and wits, she was found by a human and has been with him/her ever since.
Relationships: Someone else's pokemon (Chaostres, can I be yours?)
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hopefully back??
((Both reserved.

And yes, it makes me happy to know people wants to join this RP ^^ This is one of my better RPGs, maybe my 2nd or 3rd best, after Mt. Vesever (I put a lot of effort in it, and I'm really proud of it. Too bad it is almost dead :/) and then maybe Dragons Alive...))


Actually more of a harmour fan
Tei crouched in the bushes. There was a round, tan shape ahead of him, with long, square fangs.

Time to die.

Wait a minute. It was a rock shaped like a Raticate. The Absol groaned and turned, bounding into the forest.
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