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(Taking Requests) Kamara's Poetry Collection


Fluffy Tails ftw!!!!
Hi, I am Kamara and I am somewhat of a poet.

These are some poems I have written.


Peace can be a lie
To those that lie
Peace can be hope
To those that hope
Peace can be guidance
To those that guide
Peace can be anything
to anyone.


Punch for Punch
Kick for Kick
Sweat for Sweat
Those are the traits
of a determined fighter.

Victory is life
Defeat is death
Mercy is weakness
That is the chosen life
of a determined fighter.

I am taking requests if you want me to do a poem. I love new ideas. I will be adding my own submissions in too.


spooky? do you think i'm spooky?
These are pretty good! Keep up the good work :D
Perhaps you could do a poem on something you enjoy doing or maybe a favorite animal!