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Tale of the Dustborn [Signups/OOC]

Sorry, Metalos, but despite your form being well-written and all I can't accept you because you missed the part where I said New Unova Pokémon only.
Oh snap, I did overlook that! O.O My apologies - I'll delete the bio and whip up a new one with more relevance.
Name: Polito
Gender: Male
Species: Galvantula

Appearance: Small and nippy, Polito would be hard to notice if it weren't for his bright colouration and the purple warning markings on his back. Unlike most Galvantula, he doesn't have two long yellow stripes, instead having a somewhat triangular patch of soft fuzz. It is immediately noticeable - such that even if you put him in a room full of members of his own species, the odd shape would immediately give him away.

Personality: Some individuals, be they Pokemon or human, take pride in assisting others and being useful. They take a kind of satisfaction from it, and are born with the trait that makes their helpfulness secondary nature to them, asking for no thanks in return for their kind labors as long as they have respect and acknowledgement from their peers. Then, you have the other type of helper... the kind who offer their assistance, but do so in the full knowledge that you owe them for it.

Polito chooses to help because he always expects something in return. And if his expectations are denied? Then he's not the one who ends up looking like the bad guy for it! No... in a pack where working together is an important part of survival, it's hard not to tolerate the one who always tries to do people favours. It's just basic reciprocity! Sure, he can be a bit of a suck-up, but as long as he contributes, is there really any harm? The spider is also a bit of a gossip, using his small size to sneak around and eavesdrop on other people's conversations. He knows how to make rumors circulate about people, and when to keep quiet... again, always for some kind of price.

Ultimately, the reason for this behavior comes down to basic cowardice. Deprived of his memory and experiences, and clearly not the strongest member of the pack, he compensates by trying to befriend stronger people who can actually stick up for him when his normal strategy of spying and escape fails. He makes their lives easier, and gives the people they don't like grief... or at the very least, robs their lives of conveniences they would otherwise be entitled to.

  • Electro Web
  • Toxic
  • Bug Buzz
  • Rain Dance
Other: Part of the reason why he chooses to take on the role of support/helper is also due to the fact that he's still getting accustomed to having the anatomy of an insect. His attacks fail outright most of the time - so he sets traps and distractions instead.
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