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Tarot Mafia Sign-Ups

Vipera Magnifica

The World

"I see now... Your future is paved with betrayal and deception. Lies, intrigue, and mystery await... Your fate lies in the cards."

Hello, and welcome to Tarot Mafia. In this game, each player will be assigned a role based on one of the Major Arcana in a tarot deck. I will need at least 15 players for this game, but no more than 22 players. There will be a number of non-standard roles involved, so expect shenanigans. Thank you to the wonderful @Tofu for helping me with writing and graphics.

  • Out-of-thread communication is not allowed unless specified by your role. I will set up group PMs for anyone allowed to privately communicate.
  • Do not screenshot your role PM or quote it verbatim. Paraphrasing your role is fine.
  • Day/Night phases will be 48 hours each. The day will start and end at 4:00 pm EDT (UTC-4:00).
  • Flavor text may or may not be relevant.
  • Please format all votes in bold. You should do the same when abstaining or removing your vote. Votes are decided by plurality, and ties will be broken by random number generator.

Please post in this thread if you are interested in participating. The start date for this mafia has yet to be determined, since there are a few other games queued up before it. I will check in to see if everyone who signs up is still able to participate, but I would expect this game to begin some time in late June or early July.

Good luck, and have fun. Tofu and I are very excited to host this game!


blame telegram
Tentatively signing up — I’m already going to be running Cats Mafia and playing in Animal Crossing Mafia, and I don’t think I can juggle three games at once, but if one of those ends (or, at least, if I die lol) before this one starts, I’d love to play in this one too!


<<deleted by mod>>
any pronoun