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TCOD Hunger Games

Kung Fu Ferret

King of Memes

The Bloodbath
I liek Squirtles, RedneckPhoenix, Vipera Magnifica, and Lady Grimdour form a suicide pact, killing themselves.
Ether's Bane attacks Music Dragon, but Ultraviolet protects her, killing Ether's Bane.

Day 1
Eifie kills Flora with a sickle.

Night 1
Frostagin severely injures Eifie, but puts him out of his misery.
Cynder, JackPK, and Negrek get into a fight. Cynder triumphantly kills them both.

Day 2
Butterfree strangles Sglod after engaging in a fist fight.
Ultraviolet kills Stryke while he is resting.
Worst Username Ever, Keldeo, and sv01 start fighting, but Keldeo runs away as Worst Username Ever kills sv01.

Night 2
Keldeo accidently detonates a land mine while trying to arm it.

Day 3
No deaths occurred.

Night 3
No deaths occurred.

Day 4
No deaths occurred.

Night 4
Vanillish Wafer dies from hunger.

Day 5
No deaths occurred.

Arena Event
Acidic rain pours down on the arena.
Nira refuses Ultraviolet shelter, killing her.
Kung Fu Ferret refuses Cynder shelter, killing him.
Worst Username Ever trips face first into a puddle of acidic rain.

Night 5
No deaths occurred.

The Feast
Nira kills Butterfree with a hatchet.
Metallica Fanboy stabs Music Dragon while her back is turned.
DarkAura falls into a pit and dies.

Day 6
No deaths occurred.

Night 6
Nira bashes Frostagin's head against a rock several times.
Kung Fu Ferret tracks down and kills Metallica Fanboy.

Day 7
Kung Fu Ferret catches Nira off guard and kills her.
The winner is Kung Fu Ferret from District 3!


vote stryke
I know, i've used brantsteele before.
But the Random Number Gods hate me.
Was playing a game with a 99% chance of survival.
ded instantly.

Kung Fu Ferret

King of Memes
Now on to Survivor!

Episode 1:
Immunity: Ryu Tribe
Voted Out: Music Dragon (4-4 vote), (6-0 revote)

Episode 2:
Reward: Ryu Tribe
Immunity: Ryu Tribe
Voted Out: Cynder (5-2 vote)

Episode 3:
Reward: Ryu Tribe
Immunity: Konchu Tribe
Voted Out: Keldeo (5-3 vote)

Episode 4:
Reward: Konchu Tribe
Immunity: Ryu Tribe
Voted Out: Nira (5-1 vote)

Episode 5:
Reward: Konchu Tribe
Immunity: Ryu Tribe
Voted Out: Ultraviolet (3-1-1 vote)

Episode 6:
Reward: Konchu Tribe
Immunity: Ryu Tribe
Voted Out: JackPK (3-1 vote)

Episode 7:
Tribes Merge
Immunity: Kung Fu Ferret
Voted Out: I like Squirtles (4-4-2 vote), (5-3 revote)

Episode 8:
Reward: RedneckPhoenix
Immunity: Frostagin
Medevac: Butterfree

Episode 9:
Reward: Kung Fu Ferret
Immunity: RedneckPhoenix
Voted Out: Frostagin (5-3 vote)

Episode 10:
Reward: Autumn
Immunity: Lady Grimdour
Voted Out: Negrek (5-2 vote)

Episode 11:
Reward: Lady Grimdour
Immunity: Murkrow
Voted Out: RedneckPhoenix (4-2 vote)

Episode 12:
Reward: Flora
Immunity: Autumn
Voted Out: Murkrow (4-1 vote)

Finale, Part 1:
Immunity: Flora
Voted Out: Kung Fu Ferret (3-1 vote)

Finale, Part 2:
Immunity: Autumn
Voted Out: Lady Grimdour (1 vote)

Finalists: Autumn and Flora
Winner: Autumn (6-1)
Favorite: Lady Grimdour


local hellion
Of course I died day 1 in the hunger games

How the fuck did I get second in survivor though