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TCoD: The Café of Doom

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Re: TCoD: The Café of Doom

However migrating to Gen V will because ??? type does not exist in gen V QUICK RUN TO MANHATTAN BEFORE YOU DIE
Re: TCoD: The Café of Doom

I know what it was called, but it's no fun calling it a haban berry x3
Psh, they need to make an anti-??? berry :(
Re: TCoD: The Café of Doom

Why? Shadow pokemon are always super effective. If they got rid of that, what would they have?
Re: TCoD: The Café of Doom

Well, not everyone would use the ??? berry, but I'd wear a necklace with the ??? berry on it to protect me from Invisichomp x3

*Invents ??? berry*

*makes necklace with it*

*wears necklace*

Re: TCoD: The Café of Doom

I think I hear the Invisichomp coming now!! *steals ??? berry necklace* Hehehe...
Re: TCoD: The Café of Doom

=O!!!! *unholsters nerf gun with a spin and randomly fires everywhere* MUAHAHAHAHA!!!!

(yay dark side-issued nerf guns o.o)

Re: TCoD: The Café of Doom

I don't know!! He's invisible!!

*RAWR* uh oh! I think you just made him mad!
Re: TCoD: The Café of Doom

O_O Isn't RAWR I love you in dino???? O_O

*THE creepiest thought I've ever had*

*runs screaming in terror from the Cafe of Doom not wanting the whatever it is to be in love with me*
Re: TCoD: The Café of Doom

:o! That is a scary thought! Maybe it was a different dino...Invisible Cranidos or Rampardos?! Whatever it is Sky made it angry and in love with him!
Re: TCoD: The Café of Doom

*peeks back into Cafe*
*looks around for the Invisidos*
*doesn't see it*
*walks back in as if nothing had happened*
*Walks into Invisidos*
*Invisidos licks me*
-.-....I have an invisible rampardos that loves me....great.
Re: TCoD: The Café of Doom

Thats just...akward. But, when you peeked in the cave you wouldn't have been able to see it...its invisible. *in my mind* hehehe! That's very funny!*
Re: TCoD: The Café of Doom

I guess now I have an invisible Rampardos following me around like a love sick puppy XP

.......Imma name it Xavier!!! :DDDDD

That'd actually be pretty fun to draw o.o My persona running away in terror, shooting a nerf gun behind it, the Rampardos running after with semi-invisibility (Like the Predator in the Predator movies xD)
Re: TCoD: The Café of Doom

I would think it would be a girl Rampardos, otherwise it would just be...I can't think of a wor for it! xp

Or you could draw a person/trainer standing with a nerf gun and a Rampardos looking at you with lovey, dovey eyes! XD I have got an idea for a drawing now too!
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