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The Animal in YOU

Arylett Charnoa

Barely existent.
Snake like just about everyone else. Eh, I don't really like snakes, even if the personality part was probably accurate.


New member
My main one was Snake, but it also said I could be a Mountain Goat or Bat.

Of the three, Snake was actually the one I agreed with least (although a couple parts did fit me), and even with the other two I would agree with some of it and disagree with other parts...


It's feeding time

Guessing by the description it does not seem too far off, though I am skinny not plump >:C


tender chimkin nugget
Baboon. Can't say I saw it coming, but it does fit me. Although I'm not particularly short...


Not quite e^(-(x-μ)²/(2σ²)) / (σ√(2π))
It says I should be a bureaucrat or a DMV employee or an IRS agent D:

Porcupine, btw.


tender chimkin nugget
I tried it with some alternatives (that also fit me) and I got wildcat. Fits me better.