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The Aurion Home for the Belligerent Elderly


beep beep coming through
The Aurion Home for the Belligerent Elderly

Welcome to the Aurion Home for the Belligerent Elderly, where our motto is "Old trainers don't die, they just sit around in rocking chairs yammering about how much better they were than the young whippersnappers these days". Here we provide a nice, clean and quiet place for elderly Pokémon trainers to live out the rest of their lives in argumentative comfort. Of course, despite their insistence that "kids now ain't got no idea what the Dickens they're doin' with their Pokémon", our oldsters do enjoy visits from the younger generation; talking to the orderlies or their bedpans is only novel for so long, after all.

We appreciate young people like you stopping by every once in a while to brighten our oldsters' days, really we do. You should be aware, however, that "brightening their day" really means "listening to their constant shouting about your incompetence". It sounds tedious and annoying, and more than one of our orderlies has had to step in before a trainer has torn out an intravenous drip in frustration, but letting our residents reminisce about the good old days for hours on end does have its rewards. In addition to the warm, charitable feeling you will get inside from the knowledge that you've made an elderly person a little happier, you might just find an elderly trainer so convinced of your inability to train that he or she will beat you around the head with a cane or walker until you consent to let him/her teach one of your Pokémon a brand new attack!

Before we can give you your visitor's pass and let you in the home to cheer up a belligerent elderly person, there are a few ground rules we have to lay down in order to preserve the health of our residents.

- Because our residents are so old, striking up long conversations can put a lot of stress on them, and so in order to let you speak to them we have to charge you a little maintenance fee for an extra bottle of medication or so. The more complicated or powerful the move is, the more strain it puts on the resident to teach it and thus the more we'll have to charge for new pills.

- Obviously (due to the movepool mod restriction), only one AHBE move per Pokémon.

-You MUST get your AHBE move approved at the registration thread, just like any other modification. It isn't valid until a team approver says so.

- Your Pokémon keeps its AHBE move even after it evolves.

- If you are dissatisfied with your AHBE move you must come back here to have it removed.

- Pokémon with a limited-movepool gimmick (limited level-up moves and no TMs/tutors, e.g. ditto, wobbuffet, smeargle, unown, magikarp, etc.) cannot usually learn any moves from the residents. There may be rare circumstances under which tutoring such a pokémon would be allowed, and you are welcome to ask, but chances are the residents will find these pokémon too difficult to teach and you will be turned down.

That should about cover it. So, are you ready to bring a little light to a poor elderly trainer's day? Wonderful! Choose a room or resident to visit and we can get started!

The Residents/Rooms

The Recreation Room: Same-Type Moves

The residents that can often be found puttering around here are a diverse group hailing from all over, and so trainers looking for a variety of moves to choose from should check in here first. Chances are that no matter what your Pokémon is there will be a resident who specialized in training its type and so will be able to teach it almost any move of that type. There is only one requirement: the Pokémon must logically be able to use the move. So, for example, it is fine to ask a resident to teach your Charmeleon Blaze Kick; you are going to get yourself caned if you ask someone to teach your Glaceon Ice Punch.

Well-traveled as they are, none of our residents (to our knowledge) have ever seen a legendary Pokémon and as such don't know anything about the special moves they might know. Moves that are exclusive to legendary Pokémon or otherwise exceptionally rare (Aeroblast, Blue Flare, Bolt Strike, Crush Grip, Dark Void, Doom Desire, Freeze Shock, Fusion Bolt, Fusion Flare, Glaciate, Heart Swap, Ice Burn, Judgment, Lunar Dance, Luster Purge, Magma Storm, Mist Ball, Psycho Boost, Psystrike, Relic Song, Roar of Time, Sacred Fire, Sacred Sword, Searing Shot, Secret Sword, Seed Flare, Shadow Force, Spacial Rend, Techno Buster, V-create) cannot be taught. None of them have mastered the ability to teach Sketch, Transform, Conversion or Conversion2, either.

For Counter, Mirror Coat and Metal Burst, see the next room.


Directly damaging attacks (Scratch, Giga Impact, Fire Punch): To determine the price of your move, take its base power and divide it by ten (round down if it ends in 5 or lower and up if it ends in 6 or higher). So, for example, Earthquake would cost $10.

Special cases:
-Venoshock is considered to have a base power of 130.
-Acrobatics is considered to have a base power of 110.
-Hex is considered to have a base power of 100.
-Frost Breath and Storm Throw are considered to have a base power of 80.

Offensive moves with no fixed base power or variable total damage:
-Magnitude, Present, Psywave: $7
-Arm Thrust, Barrage, Comet Punch, Doubleslap, Fury Attack, Fury Swipes, Pin Missile, Twineedle: $4
-Triple Kick: $5
-Bone Rush, Bullet Seed, Double Hit, Double Kick, Icicle Spear, Rock Blast, Spike Cannon, Tail Slap: $6
-Dual Chop: $8
-Bonemerang, Gear Grind: $10
-Electro Ball, Fling, Frustration, Grass Knot, Gyro Ball, Heat Crash, Heavy Slam, Low Kick, Night Shade, Natural Gift, Punishment, Return, Seismic Toss: $8
-Bide, Endeavor, Flail, Pain Split, Reversal, Spit Up, Stored Power, Trump Card, Wring Out: $10
-Super Fang: $15
-Final Gambit: $20

Mimicry Moves (Copycat, Assist, Mirror Move, Metronome, Me First, Mimic, Nature Power and Sleep Talk): $8

Weather Moves, Gravity, Magic Room, Tailwind, Trick Room and Wonder Room: $10

Stat-Altering Moves:
-Moves that change a stat by absolute value of 1 (Tail Whip, Howl, etc.): $5
-Moves that change stats by an absolute value of 2 (Screech, Cosmic Power, etc.): $8
-Moves that change stats by an absolute value of 3 (Cotton Guard, Quiver Dance, etc.): $11
-Shell Smash and Belly Drum: $15

Direct Status-Inflicting Moves (Poisonpowder, Thunder Wave, etc.), Flatter and Swagger: $8

Direct Healing Moves (Recover, Synthesis, Heal Pulse, etc.): $10

Magic Coat: $15

All other non-damaging moves: $8


Old Black Belt Nathaniel, Old Psychic Abigail and Old Ruin Maniac Calvin: Counter, Mirror Coat and Metal Burst

Powerful and dangerous moves like these can't be taught by just anyone. Cue Nathaniel, Abigail and Calvin: they will see one of your Pokémon and, if it has the high level of patience, perseverance, endurance and willpower required, will teach it one of these very dangerous attacks. Any Pokémon, barring those that are excluded below, can learn either Counter or Mirror Coat; only Steel-types (again, barring those excluded below) can learn Metal Burst.

If a Pokémon already knows at least one of these attacks it cannot learn another, as that would be too overpowered; so, for example, you can't teach any of these moves to your Hitmonchan, Milotic or Bastiodon.

Price: $15


Old Move Deleter... uh... he doesn't remember his name: Move Deletion

In the event that you've changed your mind about a move your Pokémon has learned here and would like to forget it, all you need to do is have a quick chat with... with Mr.... with this guy, we still can't get him to tell us his name. Five minutes into a confusing conversation with this poor, forgetful old fellow and you'll have forgotten the move completely! (Just don't talk to him for too long; you might start forgetting other things, too.)

Price: Free


Redundant Move Exchange Policy

If your pokémon learns a move from one of our belligerent elderly people but then wakes up one morning with the sudden realization "My god, I just realized that I totally already know how to do that!"—this sensation is sometimes known to occur after they release some of those newfangled "new video games" and they "update older pokémon's movepools"—and you'd rather it didn't have two copies of the same move, you can come back here and we'll have someone teach another that the pokémon actually doesn't know yet. Simply bring the pokémon with the redundant move back here, have it speak to the move deleter, and then you're welcome to choose another move of equal or lesser value (to teach to the same pokémon or to a different one) for free. You can also choose a more expensive move and simply pay the difference between the old move and the new one.

Price: Free if exchanging a move for one of equal or lesser value. If trading in for a more expensive move, costs [price of new move] - [price of old move].


Summary of Prices/Overheads:

BP10: 1/0
BP20: 2/0
BP30: 3/1
BP40: 4/2
BP50: 5/2
BP60: 6/3
BP70: 7/3
BP80: 8/4
BP90: 9/4
BP100: 10/5
BP110: 11/5
BP120: 12/6
BP130: 13/7
BP140: 14/8
BP150: 15/9
BP200: 20/14
BP250: 25/18
Counter, Mirror Coat, Metal Burst: 15/9
Offensive moves w/no fixed power: 7/3, 4/2, 5/2, 6/3, 8/4, 10/5, 15/9, 20/14
Mimicry moves: 8/4
Weather moves, Gravity, Magic Room, Tailwind, Trick Room, Wonder Room: 10/5
Stat-altering moves: 5/2, 8/4, 11/5, 15/9
Status-inflicting moves: 8/4
Direct healing moves: 10/5
Magic Coat: 15/9
Redundant move exchange: difference in price/2 for every 5 in price difference
Everything else: 8/4

Till (last updated 122911/last claimed 122511):

Customer | Price | Overhead | Final Profit
[URL="http://dragonflycave.com/forums/showpost.php?p=227289&postcount=7"]Prettzel (Yawn)[/URL] | $8 | $4 | $4
[URL="http://www.dragonflycave.com/forums/showpost.php?p=270477&postcount=14"]Grass King (Assist, Aqua Ring)[/URL] | $20 | $10 | $10
[URL="http://dragonflycave.com/forums/showpost.php?p=365849&postcount=32"]Kratos Aurion (Head Smash, Grasswhistle)[/URL] | $23 | $13 | $10
[URL="http://dragonflycave.com/forums/showpost.php?p=337436&postcount=27"]blazheirio889 (Haze)[/URL] | $8 | $4 | $4
[URL="http://dragonflycave.com/forums/showpost.php?p=367167&postcount=38"]Psymon (Magical Leaf)[/URL] | $6 | $3 | $3
[URL="http://forums.dragonflycave.com/showpost.php?p=458328&postcount=44"]Negrek (Aqua Jet)[/URL] | $4 | $2 | $2
[URL="http://forums.dragonflycave.com/showpost.php?p=485073&postcount=50"]ole_schooler (Odor Sleuth)[/URL] | $8 | $4 | $4
[URL="http://forums.dragonflycave.com/showpost.php?p=485130&postcount=52"]Karkat Vantas (Metal Burst)[/URL] | $15 | $9 | $6
[URL="http://forums.dragonflycave.com/showpost.php?p=494707&postcount=62"]Pathos (Sleep Powder)[/URL] | $8 | $4 | $4
[URL="http://forums.dragonflycave.com/showpost.php?p=495644&postcount=76"]Lucas755 (Rock Wrecker, Sweet Kiss, Aromatherapy)[/URL] | $31 | $17 | $14
[URL="http://forums.dragonflycave.com/showpost.php?p=502134&postcount=84"]Lord of the Fireflies (Aqua Jet)[/URL] | $4 | $2 | $2
[URL="http://forums.dragonflycave.com/showpost.php?p=502136&postcount=85"]Superbird (Metal Burst)[/URL] | $15 | $9 | $6
[URL="http://forums.dragonflycave.com/showpost.php?p=507617&postcount=107"]Grass King (Metal Burst)[/URL] | $15 | $9 | $6
[URL="http://forums.dragonflycave.com/showpost.php?p=511564&postcount=109"]Grass King (Seed Bomb)[/URL] | $8 | $4 | $4
[URL="http://forums.dragonflycave.com/showpost.php?p=512159&postcount=113"]Pathos (Teleport)[/URL] | $8 | $4 | $4
[URL="http://forums.dragonflycave.com/showpost.php?p=517707&postcount=116"]Coloursfall (Flare Blitz)[/URL] | $12 | $6 | $6
[URL="http://forums.dragonflycave.com/showpost.php?p=521193&postcount=124"]Ampharos (Mach Punch)[/URL] | $4 | $2 | $2
[URL="http://forums.dragonflycave.com/showpost.php?p=521229&postcount=127"]Lord of the Fireflies (Hypnosis)[/URL] | $8 | $4 | $4
[URL="http://forums.dragonflycave.com/showpost.php?p=521286&postcount=131"]Pathos (Head Smash, Pain Split, Hypnosis)[/URL] | $33 | $18 | $15
[URL="http://forums.dragonflycave.com/showpost.php?p=521347&postcount=132"]Lord of the Fireflies (Encore)[/URL] | $8 | $4 | $4
[URL="http://forums.dragonflycave.com/showpost.php?p=523034&postcount=139"]Skyman (Close Combat)[/URL] | $12 | $6 | $6
[URL="http://forums.dragonflycave.com/showpost.php?p=524680&postcount=143"]sreservoir (Encore)[/URL] | $8 | $4 | $4
[URL="http://forums.dragonflycave.com/showpost.php?p=525192&postcount=144"]The Omskivar (Mach Punch)[/URL] | $4 | $2 | $2
[URL="http://forums.dragonflycave.com/showpost.php?p=537879&postcount=153"]bulbasaur (Rock Wrecker)[/URL] | $15 | $9 | $6
[URL="http://forums.dragonflycave.com/showpost.php?p=556898&postcount=164"]Mai (Mirror Coat)[/URL] | $15 | $9 | $6
[URL="http://forums.dragonflycave.com/showpost.php?p=556975&postcount=173"]Lord of the Fireflies (Mirror Coat)[/URL] | $15 | $9 | $6
[URL="http://forums.dragonflycave.com/showpost.php?p=563322&postcount=189"]Zhorken (Focus Energy)[/URL] | $8 | $4 | $4
[URL="http://forums.dragonflycave.com/showpost.php?p=564589&postcount=221"]Crazy Linoone (Minimize)[/URL] | $8 | $4 | $4
[URL="http://forums.dragonflycave.com/showpost.php?p=564852&postcount=227"]Metallica Fanboy (Nightmare, Mirror Coat, Barrier, Focus Energy, Quick Attack, Aura Sphere, Teeter Dance)[/URL] | $60 | $31 | $29
[URL="http://forums.dragonflycave.com/showpost.php?p=564992&postcount=230"]Metallica Fanboy (Acrobatics)[/URL] | $11 | $4 | $4
[url=http://forums.dragonflycave.com/showpost.php?p=567619&postcount=235]Skylark (Curse, Follow Me)[/url] | $16 | $8 | $8
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Hm... much as I'd love to have an actual customer, I'd have to say no. Chatot doesn't doesn't seem like it has the body type to pull something like that off. :/ Thrash seems like it needs to involve flailing limbs/coils large enough to... actually flail. Chatot has little legs and little wings and I don't think it'd work too well. Sorry. If you can sell me on it then maybe, but I don't think so.
You don't need any approval from me or anything, if that's what you're waiting for to get Zangoose reapproved. I'll only say something if you've made a mistake.
Made a quick addendum to the rules to remind people that, yes, you do actually have to get any moves you purchase here approved in the registration thread. It isn't the same as buying an item.
Would my Riolu be able to learn Triple Kick by chance? Do love my sub-breakers~ <3 And by your chart it'll cost.... a dollar. x3
It could, although I've been meaning to make adjustments to the prices anyway. If you could hold off on purchasing it until I've had time to make those adjustments I'd appreciate it.
Alrighty, do you know when that will be, however? ...Not that there's any rush in the current slow paced ASB situation, but curiosity gets the better of me. xP Although admittedly a lot of the draw of TK was the cost~ Hope it's not rising TOO too much.
Also, it's a bit of a long shot this one, but might I ask if Zubat is eligible for Toxic Spikes?
I'll try to get to it as soon as possible. I've got catching up to do with other things first and if I remember correctly the new prices need to be approved first, but hopefully soon.

The price of moves like Triple Kick shouldn't go up too much. It'll be changing to something around the average base power, so probably 5-6 dollars or so.
Huh. I'm not fond of old people, but -- *gets caned*

Ahem. Anyway, do you know if prices for moves like Haze will get changed? I'm itching to get that move for my Snorunt.
Ahahahahaha oh awesome I forgot I was supposed to be updating the prices. Thank you for reminding me.

Hm... I don't think it'll change that much, if at all. I'll try to remember to look at all this this weekend, and I should have a better answer for you then.
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