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The Battle Frontier

Severus Snape

"Detention, Potter,"
Since the Battle Frontier's inception, trainers all over the world flocked to it. However, little did they know that a small room would let them catch the most extraordinary Pokemon imaginable.

Every place (except the Factory and Tower) has something revelutionary to it... something that you won't usually get elsewhere...

If you bring certain Pokemon, you can get in for a cheaper price! You are allowed to bring 1 of your Pokemon to each place.

Battle Factory, £5 for 6 Pokemon, £3 for 1 Pokemon, with Flash, £1 less for both!
What's special? Nothing
Voltorb Pichu Magnemite Elekid Jolteon
Electrode Pikachu Electabuzz Aron
Raichu Magneton Steelix
Ultra Rare
Magnezone Electivire Probopass

Battle Pike - £4 for 6 Pokemon, £2 for 1 Pokemon, with a Poison Pokemon, £1 less for both!
What's special? You have a 50% chance of catching a Pokemon, 25% of catching 2 Pokemon and 25% of catching no Pokemon
Ekans Grimer Espeon
Shuckle Muk
Milotic Arbok
Ultra Rare

Battle Pyramid - £7 for 6 Pokemon (the more Pokemon, the higher Item chance), £2 for 1 Pokemon, £3 for 1 Pokemon with guranteed Item, with a Stage 2/Legendary Pokemon, £3 less for all!
What's special? You can get Items
Misdreavus Gastly Duskull Umbreon Murkrow
Haunter Dusclops Aron Sudowoodo
Mismagius Gengar Graveler Honchkrow Any random item
Ultra Rare
Dusknoir Golem Armaldo

The secret current contents of the Frontier are awaiting you...
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Why is Seviper ultra rare? Also why would you post Shuckle 'only knows Toxic'? We don't use moves except for HMs.

And how many areas do you have?

EDIT: Not to mini mod but I noticed this. Where did you pay for this area? All I can see is the purchase for Time Forest.
Correcting the Shuckle, Seviper is Ultra Rare cus Lucy of the Battle Pike owns it, paying up now and this is my last area till probably the end of the year.
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