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The Clue Game

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New Spring

New member
Umm nobody's given me any hints for 26 (which is DESPARATELY need!)
seems my post was skipped by accident since the post above mine was helped and then the post below. but PLEASE? I really need a bit of help for 26. Thank you!


Will come sporadically. (Did I spell that right?)
26-when would they STOP talking about 2006?
3-not many places award you for sitting and staring at gibberish for 30 mins.
...still on 29...


Flare up your ideas, be careful not to burn them~
Ok I get it I still cant really find it but....

Edit:I got it
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Crazy Linoone

broke ASB
Nah, there are others...*places flashlight under chin*

Clue 26:
Organic at the outside, inorganic at the inside.
Ooh! Ooh! Pick me! :P

Hint to clue 26:
Something found at the end of something that was made on something that was beginning which was something on the clue 26 page (plus one)...

Hope you don't get confused... :evil:
I got clue 26 with these hints. Just think about everything for a while...

I need more help on 30. Pretty please...?


Will come sporadically. (Did I spell that right?)
OOH CAN YOU (or anyone else) HELP ME ON 29 PLZ?
I'll be your friend :D
Answer can be found on one of Butterfree's bursts of randomness. Now you just have to know where...
Not good at giving hints....


oh man, good times.
Someone said this earlier, think early animé.

Think of what a mention could be.

Crazy Linoone

broke ASB
.... 30.... is .... evil....

Is 30 related to Pokemon? Or is it related to one of Butterfree's bursts of randomness?

I need hints.........
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