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Open The Dark One Escapes

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The Dark One Escapes

At the beginning of the Digital World, the Sovereign sealed away a great evil, in the Dark Area of the Digital World. They then used an army of Cerberumon to guard the edge of the Dark Area, to make sure nothing ever got out.

As time progressed, more evil Digimon were locked away in the Dark Area. However, Daemon, a Fallen Angel Digimon, found a way to escape, without alerting the guards. He was defeated and locked away in the Dark Ocean, but later, when a task force was sent to try and find him, he could not be found.

Now, the original evil has escaped form the Dark Area, and is spreading his darkness across the Digital World, using an army of evil Digimon trapped in the Dark Area. He captured the Sovereign, and locked them away. However, he made special locks to make sure they never escaped. They can only be broken by the power of the three Devas who serve the Sovereign. He then sent hunters to search for the Devas.

However, just before they were captured, the Sovereign activated Operation Zeta. They released 6 new Digivice's and Digi-Egg's, to go to the Real World, and find humans to try and save the Digital World, and reseal the great evil.

Roleplay Genre:
Digimon, Adventure

Digital World (Main)
Real World (Sometimes)

Additional Rules:
You cannot have evil Digimon (e.g. DemiDevimon, Dracmon) as your partner.
We all start out in the North Sector of the Digital World.
Write the word energy in your form.
You must provide a full digivolution line, which goes from Baby to Mega. (You can use this site)
This page shows which Deva serve each Sovereign.




local hellion
Whoa, I get a used copy of Digimon World Championship (so I know a bunch more digimon now) and then this pops up? Coool



Screw reservations, I'm posting now!

Name: Mikhail
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Appearance: A rather scrawny kid, he is short, often appearing with a book and glasses. He is usually seen in a t-shirt and cargo pants, although he sometimes wears a pair of jeans. He has scars on both of his wrists.
Personality: Quite and reserved, Mikhail does not particularly like talking to people, especially about his past, but he is capable of working with people. Very focused nd intelligent, he's often one of the first people to solve a puzzel, though he struggles with social situations. Though smart, he rarely shows off his intelligence, due to a long past of being bullied for it. He is willing to sacrifice himself to save his Digimon's life, no matter what the consequences.
History: Born in the suburbs, Mikhail had what most people call a normal early childhood, two parents, a dog, and a younger sibling. Though he was very smart, his parents were unable to pay for a private school, so he was sent to a public one. There, he was bullied and picked on by those jealous of his intelligence, and retreated into fantasy worlds. He ceased to react, even when it got worse, until one day, he woke up and realized that the only thing he could recall for the past several years was being bullied, his books being ripped apart, and not feeling. He tried to kill himself by slitting his wrists, and the only reason he lived was because his parents found him not thirty seconds later, the knife still in his hand. He was rushed to the hospital, and forced into thearapy. He was thirteen. Now, he is finally getting over it, though the scars on the insides of his wrists are, and perhaps always will be, a sensitive subject, as will his past. The day he found the Digi-egg was the day he truly began to recover, and right now his digimon is his life.

Fresh: Poyomon
In-Training: Tokomon
Rookie: Patamon
Champion: Angemon
Ultimate: MangaAngemon
Mega: Seraphimon
Personality: Often worried about Mikhail, Patamon has a tendency to try to get Mikhail to actually talk to people, especially about his past. A bit anxious, he has a tendency to hover around Mikhail, something that Mikhail only encourages. Patamon is very friendly, and hates hurting people's feelings, although it's always be accident, and usually Mikhail's fault. Patamon really hates fighting, wondering why Digimon just can't get along, but will defend Mikhail with his life, despite actually being Mikhail's life. He is willing to sacrifice himself to save Mikhail, and, if asked for his life or his partner's, he will choose Mikhail's life without hesitation.