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Requests Open ~*The Dragon's Den Banner Shop*~


The Heir of Dragons

Hello and welcome to my banner shop! Here I can create one of a kind banners for any purpose you could possibly imagine!! Oh, that huge dragon off in the corner? Don't worry about her, she'll only eat you if you break the rules!


1. No swearing or profanity
2. DO NOT STEAL MY BANNERS!!! They will all have my logo in the bottom right corner, DO NOT REMOVE THIS LOGO!!
3. I will NOT reveal what programs I use, if you ask me numerous times then you will be ignored.
4. No Sexual/Pornographic Background Images.
5. Do not edit my banners and claim them as your own.
6. This is not a conversation thread.


Large Square:

Medium Square:

Small Square:

Large Rectangle:

Medium Rectangle:

Small Rectangle:


Banner Form:

Text:(What you want the banner to say)
Text Font:
Text Color:
Text Glow Color: (Optional)
Subtext: (Optional)
Subtext Color:
Subtext Glow Color: (Optional)
Background Picture: (Optional) (This you must provide for me)
Tone: (Dark, Cheerful, etc.)
Background Color Preferences: (Optional) (only when a background picture is not provided.)
Other: (Anything extra that you would like me to include on your banner.)


Hiya! Can you pretty please make a banner for me? :)

Size: Small Rectangle
Text: Nerdfighters Against World Suck
Text Font: Komika
Text Color: White
Subtext: DFTBA
Subtext Color: White
Background Color Preferences: Use a lot of red, please! :)

Also, about the Nerdfighter thing and DFTBA, it is basically something that has to do with Books XD Kinda.


Um, can you make the "Nerdfighters Against World Suck" have a glow effect? But not the subtext.


OH MY GOODNESS I love it so much thank you so soososososoossssooooo much!!!! :D :D :D :D