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The Forgotten Orphanage

Lord of the Fireflies

Back in black.
The Forgotten Orphanage​

The Forgotten Orphanage is a very old building. As it name states, it used to be an orphanage, but after a nuclear disaster several years ago, it had been abandoned by the population; people were afraid the spirits of the dead children would haunt the place. Since humans cleared the whole area, baby Pokémon started to show up, playing with the long forgotten toys of the Orphanage. Since the Forgotten Orphanage is a very old building, it is separated in areas, each having different inhabitants.

Most of the Pokémon here are eager for adventure, so you should not have problems catching some. You start the game with Six Poké Balls. If you wish for additional Poké Balls, you will be charged at the rate of 1$ /2 Poké Balls. If you wish to change area during your challenge, state it. It won’t cost anything. The prices are: 1$ for common (75% chance), 2$ for uncommon (20% chance) and 4$ for rare (5% chance). You have a 1/200 chance of finding a shiny, and it will cost the same as if it wasn’t. Some Pokémon can hold items. If it does, you will be warned – you can decide to keep the item but not the Pokémon for 1$, or catch the Pokémon and keep the item for free.

If you fail to respond for two weeks without me knowing, your challenge will end and your Pokémon released.


The Great Hall

This is the entrance of the orphanage, a very large hall with a high vault. The stain glass is smashed and there are shards all over the place. Many bug and flying Pokémon have made their nest between the various stone beams supporting the ceiling.




– 50% chance on Metapod, Kakuna, Silcoon, Cascoon, Swadloon & Whirlepede
SilverPowder – 50% chance on Butterfree, Beautifly & Leavanny
– 50% chance on Beedrill, Dustox & Scolipede
– 50% chance on Pidgeot, Staraptor & Unfezant
– 50% chance on Murkrow & Honchkrow
– 50% chance on Combee & Vespiquen

The Dormitory

Several beds are placed in rows, and various toys are scattered here and there. Baby Pokémon often come here to play with the abandoned toys, as well as several ghost-types, attracted by the ghostly energy left by the dead kids.




Magmarizer - 50% chance on Magby
Electirizer – 50% chance on Elekid
– 50% chance on Chingling & Chimecho
– 50% chance on Cubone
– 50% chance on Misdreavus, Mismagius, Litwick & Lampent
Leftovers – 50% chance on Munchlax

The Garden:

Actually, this used to be a play yard but the plants have taken over, so now it’s a garden. Several grass-type Pokémon can be found here, among others. Oh yeah, there is a small well not far from there, and it has been infested by water-types Pokémon that just might come out.




– 50% chance on Poliwag, Poliwhirl, Politoed, Slowpoke & Slowking
– 50& chance on Petilil, Lilligant, Cottonee & Whimsicott
– 50% chance on Budew, Roselia & Roserade
– 50% chance on Dratini & Dragonair
– 50% chance on Cherubi & Cherrim
– 50% chance on Hoppip, Skiploom & Jumpluff
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Squornshellous Beta

World Of Pillows
Re: The Forgotten Orpaphanage

For the items that work, you use hyphens in place of spaces. [sprite=item]Kings-rock[/sprite] for Kings-rock, for instance. The non-ASB items you'll have to use external images.


I walk this lonely road
Ok let me go walk the lonely road of the Dorms.

Also Shellos what do I do because he has a rotom also. Can I super pretty please swap rotom for Latias. It will be a 1-1000 chance since it is an awesome legendary. Else how do we solve this dilemma.


I walk this lonely road
You know why I was confused, I thought rotom was a legend, found he can breed. I shall take over this world with rotors now.

Ok so yeah want a go down the loney dorms