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The "Fwee" Thread

^looks like someone has a crush on you now...

what? 1k posts on my blog in one week? and one follower gains during that beautiful span hell yeah
^looks like someone has a crush on you now...

oh no i've suspected this since christmas it's not like this tiny bit of suspicion is anything really recent. i'm just a little confused.

(he might've also been at least somewhat drunk but I'm just gonna pretend he wasn't because that would mean he has more coordination when he's drunk than I do when I'm sober and that's BEYOND unfair.)

(EDIT FROM WAY IN THE FUTURE: I honestly think he was sober though idk what I was thinking when I first wrote this)
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how about you just go on a date with the guy?
wow daily post limit hit again. so proud of my time wasting skills.

Whoa, yeah! When was the last time you did the date thing?

Iiiiii'm scared to be wrong in all honesty.

I'm terrible at reading people and at the end of the day there's still that ever-present "you're silly why would you think anyone could possibly like you romantically (especially when they've known you for a while)" in the back of my mind

So I can't really get up the courage.
There's a high chance for me to get actual paid work soon. Sweet, sweet real life money *u*
At least now I most likely don't have to worry how I'm gonna pay the rent during the summer, even if it means sacrificing a big portion of it for a game project.
Oh man yes I got my older sister to order me one of those super rad jointed Mewtwo figurines! I had a mighty neeeeed and now I'm getting one aw yea
It's obviously going to take a while to arrive but daang I don't mind one bit. OwO
  • today I realised that my comic assignment isn't actually due till the first week of march, not the week of the 24th. so i don't feel bad for not doing anything yet because i've been struggling with jetlag \o/
  • yesterday i threw out a bunch of old crap and i found my mother's watercolour set.
  • i have a pretty solid relationship with my boyfriend and it is the bomb
  • travelling was awesome and i wanna do it again
  • asb's lookin real fine
  • i feel good about myself today after having a rough couple of days
  • valentine's day is coming!
snow day tomorrow!!!

also the realization that oh my god somebody might have a thing for me what
I watched like eight episodes of Hamtaro and found the one episode that has stuck in my head for years because I had it recorded on VHS and then it was taped over and I couldn't remember what it was

and now I'm horrifically sad that the majority of episodes aren't on the internet and even more weren't dubbed :( but still hamtaro MY CHILDHOOD HAS RETURNED

(if anyone knows a source for subs of all the japanese-only episodes I'd love you forever)
How could I have forgotten how freakin cute the chao garden in Sonic Adventure 2 is? Aaagahgaghh my heart is powerless against this level of adorable.
There's a Welsh song on youtube with English subtitles. They translated "Maggie" (Thatcher) as "Tony"

I'm not sure if it's a mistake, the translator trying to insert their own politics, or trying to make it more up-to-date, but I find it absolutely hilarious.
You can get Dear America books for, like, one cent on Amazon.

Man, if I wouldn't feel weird about buying children's books at 17 I would totally buy several.
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