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The "Fwee" Thread

survived my first week of band camp!
also i got back into detective conan for nostalgia, on episode 22 and chapter 100 something.
Yesterday at Girl Scout day camp, I tied my hands together and my unit leader let me keep them tied for the rest of the day. *grin*
My girlfriend has been in Europe for the past two weeks and she's flying home today aaaaa I'm so happy ; A ;
Got my first shiny in 6 or 7 years, a Ralts using the Masuda method. I wanted Male for Gallade, but I got Female and soon discovered that Mega Shiny Gardevoir is quite something.
started out this morning expecting a normal day. ended up hanging out with two friends, made plans with another friend tomorrow, and got invited to upcoming birthday parties for two of the aforementioned friends.

the summer of george alti
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hi friend haven't spoken to you in a while yeah I'm pretty good how are you

you are wonderful and sweet and amazing and I never want you to leave my life even when you're writing plays and tv scripts and I'm hopefully doing well in this ridiculous world we call show business

i hope you know that you never cease to make my day brighter

(This happened like ten hours ago but I don't caaaaaaaaaaaare~

Since I went all pseudo-poetic on this one here's what actually happened: got home from work, was greeted by a Facebook message from the boy I like who is a fucking sweetheart omfg and he gave me a ton of class advice and told me he wants to see me on stage this year and that he'd see me soon and aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah)
Saw The Giver today. Annoying because my Grandma kept talking to my mom throughout, but I still enjoyed myself. Also I know like almost everyone who works at the theater, so it was nice to see all of them again. :3
oh god I love training and evolving shinies, it's always so magical ;u;
and oooh I traded a bunch of rare ball female pokemon for two competitive shinies, a female Espurr and Rotom (not perfect but very close) that the person had bred themselves and could nickname! Silly nicknames are super important :D

(also wink wink if anyone has a 4-5iv shiny they've bred themselves and want to trade for whatever reason, I have a nicknameable 4iv shiny Timid Houndour in a Moon Ball for trade!)
I... actually won a tumblr giveaway since the first place winner had just accidentally liked the post and didn't want to give their address or something? aaaah I usually never ever win anything so ! amazing OuO
After 975 eggs, my hunt for a Bold 31/x/31/31/31/31 shiny eevee is over! And I was even able to give away three other shiny eevees to my friends.
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