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The "Fwee" Thread

HI FROM DISNEY! Well, technically, hi from Kissimmee? But we goin to Disney! And universal!

One of my fave things about Disney is doing new things, and we're carting around The Boy, and also my sisters friend,and both haven't been here since they were smol, so it's v excite
Tomorrow I will have been a member of these forums for TEN YEARS YOU GUYS. wow.

(pretty sure that's not my actual tcod 10 year anniversary; I was on the invisionfree forums, but it's a pain to try to go see when I registered there haha. close to the end, I think.)
Late night heart-to-hearts are really nice

I posted this after my bf and I talked about sexuality; this was actually the night he figured out he’s bi! And it’s been about two months and he’s so comfy with himself and I’m really really proud.
This is my 3,000th post! Wow!

how could you leave out the most important part

a smol fwee from me -

it's nice knowing this forum is still around after so many years. i find myself going through old posts of mine and reminiscing and cringing (a lot of cringing) at my old shenanigans, and idk how i would've turned out without it! maybe i would've been a chad in another life ;o

it's like looking at a time capsule! :> exhilarating. miss you guys.

thank you, tcod, ilu even though we don't talk anymore <3
A couple of years ago, I started taking classes at an advanced STEM-based program for half the day while going to a regular high school the other half for non-STEM classes like English. First day I walked in, I was in a room with literally nobody that I knew, and I was told that these are gonna be my classmates for the next 4 years. Flash forward like 2 years, and some of those same people I originally never knew were driving out like a half hour-45 min out of their way just to come to one of my football games to see me play. It legitimately touched me that they'd do that for me, and it made me remember how much we've been through together and how we're practically like a family at this point, as corny as it sounds; they're honestly one of the best things that's ever happened to me.
Posting here for fun today amused me (i like being amused? :P)

I may take a break for now though. I do have some anxiety issues, anyways......lol

I love the move set i made for myself in one thread xD it suits me.

Be cute and then punch people xDDDDDD

Not something i should try in real life unless i actually was a pokemon.

Pokemon are great.
Recently got into touch with a chiptune artist I'd been following for a bit (mostly because he made some excellent tutorial videos for the chiptune software I've been attempting to learn), and fired off a couple questions for him in hopes that I could learn more about the process of making chiptunes. To my delight, he responded back within a couple of hours, thoroughly and kindly answered each of my questions, and ended his email by inviting me to reach out to him anytime I had any more questions for him. I know its not like he would've scorned me or been a jerk about it, but still... this guy, who is well versed in making this kind of music and has made multiple albums and soundtracks, took time out of his day to help me out someone else looking to get into his field, and do it in the most kind and inviting way possible, and even made himself open for me to ask any further if I wanted, and it honestly put me over the moon to see that.
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