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The "Fwee" Thread

Re: The "Fwee" Thread, Mk. IV

I decided to read Butterfree's Quest for the Legends today. I'm already on chapter 30. I feel proud :3
Re: The "Fwee" Thread, Mk. IV

i gave my friend her birthday presents (plus part of her christmas present because i failed slightly ^^;) and ohmygod her reaction was too cute
Re: The "Fwee" Thread, Mk. IV

I am so sick of reading about Barthes I could vomit, BUT now I'm going to head over to my friends' house for more pancakes than humans can be reasonably expected to eat.

Also, I spent the past week in the company of nearly all my favourite people and it was beyond brilliant.

And Cabin Pressure makes my life even better than it already is.

So much love for my life right now <3
Re: The "Fwee" Thread, Mk. IV

In love with the life I'm living, thank you Jesus! <3

Accepted into 2 art colleges on scholarships already (and waiting for 2 more letters)!
Was chosen to make a speech at a big art awards ceremony, the applause was so loud that my ears were ringing ^^
Getting my own special page in the yearbook
Designed senior tshirts
Designed school baseball logo
Designed a book cover
Already found a possible internship in cartoonnetwork
Already told I'm graduating with an Advanced Regents Diploma, uwaa yay!
ANNNND in touch with a Naruto voice actor who has commissioned me, love this guy sooo much :D

*deep breath*

I think that's about it for now ^^ Hehe
Re: The "Fwee" Thread, Mk. IV

Today me and my crush just kinda hugged, and then we proceided to do that awkward "let's walk and hug at the same time" thing. Then my brother yelled at him lol.

I'm a happy soul.
Re: The "Fwee" Thread, Mk. IV

A good night's rest will do wonders for a person's sanity.
Re: The "Fwee" Thread, Mk. IV

My dad finally decided to make a 3d origami swan thats bigger than my head. And that's saying something.
Re: The "Fwee" Thread, Mk. IV

I had friend on my bus that I loved spending time with.
But she changed busses months ago, and our contact dwindled.
And now I get a phone call from her and she wants to see me and I am a happy person.
Re: The "Fwee" Thread, Mk. IV

History of Bardock is on tonight
Re: The "Fwee" Thread, Mk. IV

I lo e my housemats seven is theyt do make me drink baardi and it goes up my nose <3333
Re: The "Fwee" Thread, Mk. IV

Well, hey, today's been productive.

• 80 minutes of practicing on French horn. *EFF* yes, man.

• Screamo bro finally got a driver's license. So my parents can force him to take me places if need be. >:D

• I made stuff of out Delta Sand (which is like normal colored Moon Sand for teh big kidz)

I feel pretty, so so pretty
Re: The "Fwee" Thread, Mk. IV

We're preforming a midsummer's night dream tonight. As a techie, my job is to sit backstage and eat sweets. I have no cues lol

And then after that, I'm going to a cast party, where I get to party with some of the most amazing people ever.
Re: The "Fwee" Thread, Mk. IV

Holy shite! I am so excited, I won backstage passes to meet the cast of the Hunger Games when they come to the Mall of America from my favorite radio station ever!
Re: The "Fwee" Thread, Mk. IV

it's five am on a saturday and i needed to be awake at this hour for a thing and boyfriend decided he's going to wake up too. it's five am and he's up. this is earlier than we need to be up for school (which starts at 7:15). he has no reason to. it's just so he can be awake with me. "i'd be a bad boyfriend if i didn't!" he says. which is bull but if he's gonna continue thinking like that, well

he's too good to me <3
Re: The "Fwee" Thread, Mk. IV

Sports holiday/winter break! Though the fact that my mom is gonna go insane because I forgot to apply for a summer job does make a bit less uncomfortable. But at least I'm free for a week and have cake. Sort of outweighs it for the moment. :D
Re: The "Fwee" Thread, Mk. IV

My nan's just taken a picture of me, and for once it looks great! *blushes*
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