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The "Fwee" Thread

I'm seventy-two percent settled into my place in France for my semester abroad, all right! Oh, and I'm amblin' around with a ring on my finger because I'm an engaged person!
I think this is the best (early) birthday I've had in my whole life. ... probably because I've had crappy birthdays in the past, but. My friends got me a bunch of presents and made me a card and so many people signed it and :D I feel so loved.
Baby kittens. Little gray one is mine to name. He/she is fluffy! Mom seems to think that it is just like me. Just need a name...
I love my new school, I think.
also also I only have two more fics to write YESYESYESYESYESYESYES (requests. blah.)
I finally remembered the password to my facebook account! It's been like a puzzle game! "Guess that password!"
Finally trying out my Sakura oil pastels i got from my art teacher ages ago (like when I was 8 or something) Hopefully they deliver!
FSU band tripped kinda sucked but it was pretty cool. I got to go to my first college football game, rode on a comfy charter bus that had like twice the leg room of a school bus, got offered to see a pre-screening of a movie at the mall, though I couldn't accept due to lack of time and i'm not 17 but still that's cool.
I saw my section leader from last year, Charlie for the first time in several months.
Also got a postcard in the mail from the Sunday school class telling me to come pack (and "batman is awesome"). So fwees and yays for these little things that brighten my days.
Listened to Living on a Prayer because I've never heard it before and it's the last part of our half time show this year. Saw song from my favorite band in the related sidebar thing.
Trying to learn how to play my soprano recorder that i've had for years
Sounds terrible, but I'm only learning as well as the fact that I'm trying to teach myself
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My silly sausage Sam forgot his bag at the hospital.
Because of this we miss tea.
Why is this a good thing?
He's gonna take me out to make up for it.
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