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The "Fwee" Thread

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Ivy Newton

I made my first computer program today - complete with interactivity! Sorta.

I took this example from my C++ textbook and then added a bunch of stuff to make it all interactive. It eats carrots, and then lets you choose how many carrots you wanna eat (my addition) and lets you say how many people you wanna share your carrots with and tells you how many each person gets and how many are left (also my addition). Only problem is that if you eat more carrots than you have, you can have a negative number of carrots ;D

But still, FWEEEEEEE!!!

S. E.

I'm a crow, don't'cha know?
I just got a new DS Lite yesterday. <3
Before, I had the old, clunky DS, and not only that, but now I can trade between Pearl and Platinum!


I guess it's half timing and the other half's luck
"Fwee", it's my 15th birthday and there is upwards of £100 for me to spend! :D
Awesome! It's my birthday too. Except I'm sixteen.

And I got Platinum for my birthday! But I have no idea what my team's going to be...


local hellion
On Saturday I made a CD for my friend because she really wanted some songs off my iPod. She was ridicuolously happy. ^^

Making people happy makes me happy~

Harley Quinn

One night she goes off crazier than usual...
-I finally got my room cleaned
-I'm probably going to driving school next week
-Oh and did I mention that SPRING BREAK started today? FWEE!

Ivy Newton

*pokes my last post in this thread*

I finally got it figured out! Now it yells at you every time you try to be a carrot hog, not just the first time =D



The Religion section is now a joke
I just spent the last three or so days with my witchy friends. <3

My cat, who went missing last night, came home. <333

I made a new friend today! <3


New member
I've been inactive recently since there were some problems with my internet connection. Finally got the issues fixed, and here I am again~

Grand Royal Fwee~~


I got internet access after a week! :D

Also known as, coming back from holiday in Scotland at my granny's house. It was awesome~!
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