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The Most Forgotten Pokemon

Pinsir. Definitely Pinsir. I completely forgot about them until Lucas's sister mentioned them swarming on my Platinum, and then I was like, "Pinsir? What's Pinsir?"
I just remember Xatu when Will popped out his' earlier today. Forgot how that bird was awesome. :c
Hm... Lol, if to be honest, I see no pokemon as forgotten because when I was younger, I was so obsessed with pokemon I have somehow 'scarred' all of them into my brain.

So... I have (almost) never forgot any pokemon. As a matter of fact, I know the english names of all first 150 pokemon and lots of other pokemon.

...Im feeling so freak-ish right now...
Politoed? Really? It's one of my favourite water Pokemon, and I always make an effort to include it in my Crystal team.

I do often forget Spinda, though, until I run into 20 in a row while gathering ash in that one route in RSE... First one I see though, I go, "What the heck is that?"
So... I have (almost) never forgot any pokemon. As a matter of fact, I know the english names of all first 150 pokemon and lots of other pokemon.

...Im feeling so freak-ish right now...

That... isn't really freakish. Most people here can name all 493 Pokémon easily, perhaps with a bit of hesitation on some of the more 'forgotten' ones.

As for myself, there's aren't many really that I don't recognise when they come into battle. None that I can think of, anyway; sure, sometimes it might take me a few seconds to recall their name, type and so on, but I rarely get met by something I don't recognise for a moment.
Oh, if you mean it THAT way, yeah I usually remember every pokemon. :D I remember their types by looks much better than I remember their name. (Though I always have to remind myself that Flygon is ground/dragon and has levitate <D)
Doduo. I battled one the other day, and actually wondered what the heck it was for a moment. I never liked them anyway. XD

Krabby, Voltorb and tons and tons of other first gen Pokemon are always forgotten.
I've never forgotten Voltorb. It looks like a pokéball. I just remember that there's this dude in FireRed and LeafGreen by the Safari zone zoo who says, 'Oooh. I want that item ball! Don't you want it too? Huh, that's a pokémon?'
I can't tell you i forgot. no in all seriousness i would say... Rattata or any of the 1st Pokemon you meet... i can't remember that one from Emerald/sapphire/ruby
For me, that is Fineon and Lumneon. It took me a long time to remember it's existance and finish my Diamond and Platinum sinnoh dex.
Dunsparce is basically uber and better than Mewtwo and Deoxys combined so I have no idea why people forget about it. Used to sweep entire teams with it on Netbattle haha, what a Pokémon. Gligar was another one I used to use a lot that nobody else did. Couple of Swords Dances and it was absolutely lethal, and nobody ever expected it. Also knew loads of other fun stuff like Counter and Flail. Apparently it has an evolution in the new games so maybe it's not forgotten anymore, haven't played those yet though.

The only one I genuinely forget exists sometimes is Luvdisc, for obvious reasons lol.
^ Mmm, not really. At least competitively wise, most people remember it. If not that, then Jupiter.

I remeber most of their names and all, and even if I do forget a Pokemon, it takes me a second or two to remember, but yeah.

I do forget Tailow a bit, though. A little bit.
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