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The New "Pokésonas?"

Rayne Forest

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Re: The New "Pokésonas?"

Mine is Forest the Treecko.

A blue-green and light orange Treecko with an orange headband. He is also part water type. =D

Charizard Morph

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Re: The New "Pokésonas?"

Well, see my avie? That's pretty close, the wings are a little bigger, and she usually wears a thin silver chain with a small fang made of amythest on it. And the shoes she's weraing aren't right, it's always flip-flops, but i'm terrible at spriting feet.

So there you go, my pokesona.


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Re: The New "Pokésonas?"

I have a picture of my Pokesona (which was drawn in like, 5 minutes XD)

She has Clefairy wings that are hidden behind her big ears. Her eyes are blue-grey, but i was too lazy to draw them properly.

I haven't named her yet, I don't even plan on using her that much.


Zombies? On MY lawn?
Re: The New "Pokésonas?"

Hmm, I never thought about this one...

Since I'm a crazy person, I should probably have a crazy pokemon as my pokesona. The craziest pokemon I can think of are electrode and spinda. I like spinda better (no offense, electrode), so I guess I'm a spinda. A spinda with a green spot on my forehead and both my ears. And while I'm at it, she'll have a fedora. Her name shall be... Kouo.


New member
Re: The New "Pokésonas?"

Mine is just a giratina in origin form. My TCoD zodian is the festival of giratina(which is pretty cool because giratina is my favorite pokemon).

Pikachu Goddess

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Re: The New "Pokésonas?"

Hm... it was originally a Pikachu with a kind of headband made out of beads and fangs, a black loop earring on her left ear, and a bracellet I wear practically every day. I think I named her after myself (not my screen name).

But now, I'm thinking myself more as Mewtwo, and the reason is in my sig. ... More to come if I can imagine it.

Ninkid 97

I liek Homestar. ^o^
Re: The New "Pokésonas?"

Hm.... Maybe... possibly... *Draws a picture in head*

If Homestar Runner was a Pokemon, that'd be it. But, for now........
I have absoluteley nothing.
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Re: The New "Pokésonas?"

I just threw this together in a few minutes, though I plan to extensively use him. This is Valiant, who is actually part-Fakemon. A genetic mutation caused Valiant's molecular structure to be constantly rearranging, always adapting his type and moveset to trump the opponent. Valiant is shown in his Crimson Form, which is his default form, and is ??? type. His type and moveset and will always change to trump the opponent. Valiant's color also changes as well.