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Suggestions The Orange Graphic Arts Thread


Ben Wade's Assistant Coach

Especially Gang Sign and Black and White.
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emotionless and cold as ice
Ah, the 'black and white' and 'raging fire' ones are really awesome. Don't know too much about this particular type of art, but you did a good job on these. :]


Coulda Had A V8
Thank you ^_^
If I'm correct "Graphic Art" is just taking images on computers and altering them. I started off with base colors instead of images.
Correct me anybody if I'm wrong. I don't know that much.


New member
Wow. If I look hard enough, I think I can see a man :P

Hmm, this one was interesting. Although, a background of nothing but black kind of makes the picture seem, empty, and with less activity going to catch the viewers eye (even though the moon itself is the center focus, adding 'background noise' can help call attention to the moon. Not sure how it exactly works though :P)

Oh, and did you do this with a picture of the moon? Or just from scratch?


Coulda Had A V8
For the moon I did use a picture of the moon.
For the hot air balloon I used a picture.
Any suggestions for my next one?