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Open The Pokemon of the Sky


Back in action!
She could hear a faint echo of her name. Then four before it. "Asharu! Lilexa! Moseux! Jeffette! CARADENCE!!!"

"Garzum!" She called, making Jamin and feeling that Garzum's name was slightly silly. "Do you need a lift!?" Man, if I call to him from this far away, I'll get hoarse.


Actually more of a harmour fan
Garzum moved closer. "No thank you, Kumo's fine." He looked down at the ground for no apparent reason. "Since when was that grass here..."


Sorry about being away so long. I've been busy, and will be away until roughly wednesday. So Echo is in charge of moving this plot forward until then


Has too many Big-Lipped Alligator Moments...
(((*Pushes plot* Damn! This thing is heavy! DX)))

Ohayou stared at the message above this one, and decided that a random, time consuming battle would be rather tacky, and he decided upon...

Carving a :3 smiley into one of the many fainted Golem(s).

"Okay, on to buisness!" Ohayou cried to the rest of the group.
"We is very behind-ish, and we need to hurry so we can beat..." Ohayou scratched his head, thinking.
Several seconds later, he remembered what he was doing.
"So we can beat Miley Cyrus to the Goddess of Goddess-ness... And because I want a Giratina..."

He looked around, thinking of a plan.
"Since I have been declared temporary leader-person of this roleplay to end all roleplays, I declare myself the Pot_ resident Nineball, therefore giving me all rights to being the most important moron here. Why a moron, you ask? Because most important mentally unstable person was already taken."

He looked around again, and Squishy fired his laser at nothing in particular.

"Let's move out!" the Nineball cried, walking farther into the... whatever type of landmass they are on.

(((This should give SOMEBODY conversation topics... ><;;;;)))


Back in action!
Caradence began to fly farther on Jamin, and began to gaze down at the ever-changing land on this.... place. It mystified her as she soared closer and closer to the center.

((This is the fourth post I've made like this ><))


"Actually, that would be me due to being Ohayou's friend," Eric said before looking around. "We should be in the desert right now..."

((I'm BAAAA-AAACK :3 *The famous shower scene music plays*))


Back in action!
On the inner edge of the desert ring, Caradence stopped to rest. Jamin used Water Gun so that there was water around and that Caradence would stay hydrated. Only a bit more to go, they hoped.


Has too many Big-Lipped Alligator Moments...
Echo meandered in from nowhere in particular.
"I'm back from the land of Canadia!" He shouted to nobody, before leaving to prevent anymore breakage of the third wall.

Ohayou began using Wash's water to make a sand castle with Shoop Da Whoop firin his laz0r in Eric's general direction.


Warning: May contain nuts
((I... I'm going to utilize one of Butterfree's ideas again.))

Lucidia grabbed the oppurtunity to check her team's status.

"Flame won't be of much use at the moment," she decided out loud. "He's exhausted, and we don't have the supplies to heal him through artificial means and don't have enough time to heal him naturally."

She ran over the Pokemon in her PC. Bell was too childish, and Blade and Claw, while excellent fighters, were too aggressive to be travelling in this large group. Grace, however, was very calm and unlikely to do anything to upset the others, and was still a fighter.

Yes, Grace would be the best choice. They didn't really need Flame's tricks anyways; Set was even better and not as tired.

With her Pokedex, she traded Flame for Grace, switching her ball into her team and his out.

((1. I would really enjoy it if we had to rest soon. Especially if it was because it was NIGHT~

2. "Artificial means" basically means Potions and Elixirs and Full Heals and stuff like that.

3. You people who know where this is going had BETTER NOT TELL.

4. In case you couldn't tell, the idea of Butterfree's that I used was that you could switch Pokemon from your team to your PC with your Pokedex.))


Has too many Big-Lipped Alligator Moments...
Ohayou rolled over, disturbed in his hibernation.
"Five more minutes..." He grumbled, throwing a small rock at Lucidia.


Eric sighed. "We should probably rest for awhile... Would be easier if this island DIDN'T FOLLOW THE GOD DAMNED SUN!" he shouted at the top of his lungs.

"I swear... I am going to burn something if this island doesn't go somewhere without sun soon..."


Back in action!
Caradence rested with Jamin, Madara and Entei as she looked around. The sun was still high... odd. This island followed the Sun. Cool. That would help Entei's attacks be more powerful, but Jamin's would be slightly weakened. The Trainer smiled as she thought about how far she had gotten... her Pokémon deserved the rest.


Looker's apprentice
Name: Nel
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Team: Trainer
Description: Aqua blue eyes, crimson red hair (Short), tanned skin, Black Jeans, Dark Blue Jacket.
Personality: Very calm, Mysterious and normally acts like an adult, she takes very good care of her Pokemon especially Dusknoir.
Reason for wanting this Pokemon: Nel wants to use the power of legendary Pokemon to help others and to prevent Team Rocket from getting their hands on them.

Name: Shadow
Item: Reappers Cloth (It did'nt dissaper when he evolved as a Dusclops so kept it)
Species: Dusknoir
Identifying features: A giant blood red scar on his left hand that's covered up by his Reappers Cloth (The Scar was caused when Shadow was fighting Giovani's Houndoom)
Personality: Shadow used to Nel's starter Pokemon Duskull (weird starter Pokemon) and is very protective of anyone he can trust.
Gender: Male

Name: Gaia
Item: Quick Claw
Species: Tyranitar
Identifying Features: None
Personalty: Extremly stuborn, vain, and lazy
Gender: Female

Name: Blaze
Item: Charcoal
Species: Arcanine
Identifying Features: Brown mane insted of yellow
Personality: Childish and very Impish, he loves to irratate Shadow(Nel's Dusknoir)

Name: Aerial
Item: Sitrus Berry
Species: Skamory
Identifying features: Jet Black insted of Steel grey
Personality: Aggressive yet modest. Aerial will sometimes snap but she has a heart of gold
Gender: Female

Name: Grow
Item: Energy Root
Species: Treecko
Identifying Features: None
Personality: Lonlely and scared. Shadow trys to act like a fatherly figure for Grow but Grow really hates Shadow and will attack him if this happens Aerial will try to step in as a step parent.
Gender: Male

Please note: Nel is a "lone-wolf" character and rarely appears (Which is good for me because I have a tight sceduel). Shadow is very close to Nel (Bond) and can act very protective if a character that is new to Nel meets her but he acts protecive to Nel's friends( He will protect them)
Grow lost his parents because of Team Rocket.