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Open The Struggle for Power

Xigbar changed to a human, and handed Bagels a mint. "There's the last of what I have." He said. Bagels happily ate the mint, although Xigbar wondered if he had even tasted it. He followed Erindor up the stairs. "So, what level are we going to?" He asked.
Thatch changed into a human and entered the department store. He kept a close eye on Erindor as he headed up the stairs behind the Espeon Pokemorph.
((Fluffy the Eevee left, and she won't be back for a while, so she asked me to take over her RPG characters until she gets back, because I'm her little sister, so can I control Alex?))
Celeste followed the others into the store, turning human. Her Togepi rested in her arms, and she cradled it closer.
"Toki toki!"
She turned her head to the others. "Toki says he wants to see something shiny."
Thatch looked back at his Slugma, who was crawling slowly across the floor. "Lava..." he scooped her into his arms. Lava made a happy noise and gave a content expression. She made a noise that sounded somewhat like a purr.
"Chimchar!" Eruption dashed across the floor and leaped up onto Thatch's shoulder.
Erindor smiled as he wallked into the travel shop. It was the first time he had been in one while actually having money to buy anything. He walked around getting the necessities. He wanted to save his money for later, though he was planning on buying something for himself.

Erindor walked up and down the aisles. "Oran Berries, Protien, Potion..." He muttered to himself.

(You may control alex, Featherfur. Oh, and Dark Tyranitar is at Scout Camp, so please bear with it, Dark Team. Sorry about the delay.)
"okay, let's see... can of food, can of food, can of food, BAG of food, can of food, can of food. That should be good until the next town. Potion, and finally, another bag of food. Bags for me, cans for you." Xigbar said to Bagels. Bagels nodded, and snapped at one of the cans. Xigbar pulled it away from him. "No. You have to wait 'till... whenever we make camp tonight. Okay?" Bagels nodded excitedly. "Good. Ooo, here's something. Xigbar held up a rare candy. "This is just for you." He walked around a little bit more, looking to see if there was anything he wanted.
Thatch walked around the shop, looking at a bunch of things. "Canned food... soup.... chips... aha!" He found a bag of food for Pokémon. The pellets were red and glowed orange. "Fire-types. This looks like it's right for you!" he said, smiling at Eruption. The Chimchar smiled too. "Chimchar."
Lava put on a happy face and made another purring noise. "Think you can keep up?" asked Thatch. Lava nodded. The Pokémorph gently placed the Slugma on the ground and she started crawling beside him. Thatch continued to browse the aisles.
"I don't know where something shiny is," Celeste apologized. She browsed for something that Toki might like.
Then she found a small bag of Pokémon food; good for a Togepi like hers. Celeste took it off the shelf and continued searching.
(I am in existence again. Theoretically the story can continue now...Anyway, Erindor, thanks for covering for me. My mom is finally letting me get on again. I was at Scout Camp, but the absence lasted much longer than that. Sorry for all the confusions. [To Teh Ebil Snorlax: Act as if I answered Vendetta's query and explained things to him. I'm a bit out if it currently...])
(Sure. Good to see you back.)
"So you're after this machine eh? I might not look much but I have a special power. I can transmit any sound I make into people's heads. Very useful for disabling someone I steal from."
Vendetta smiled. Down-in-the-gutter by day, master thief by night.
Keran smiled. "Excellent."

His mood swiftly turned serious again. "Each second we sit here speaking means a longer time that the others have to get settled in. There are only three of us now, but with luck we will get more as we continue. Come, both of you. We must leave this place."
Vendetta smiled confindently as the three left.
Keran thinks I'm gonna help him but once we've defeated Erindor and those silly whelps, I'll kill Keran and sieze the Power myself.
Erindor had finished getting all the normal supplies. He walked over to the counter. The cashier was unusually cheerful. "Good day sir. May I help you?"

Erindor put the items on the mini conveyor belt, and the cashier scanned them. "Paper or plastic?" She asked. What Erindor thought was Kill a tree or strangle a bird? He chose plastic because he re-used them. After checking out, Erindor went to the section of the store that had fun items, like a couple books, etc.
Alex ran into the Pokemart, then ran straight over to the candy. Seeing that she still had a little bit of money from working at a human store, she bought a pack of Skittles for herself, and looked down at Fluffy. "Which flavor of Pokeblocks do you want?" Fluffy looked at the flavors. "Ee!" He pointed at an orange flavored one. Alex nodded at Fluffy, and picked one up. Seeing that she had a little bit of money left over, she ran over to the supplies and bought a few potions. She went up to the counter and dumped her stuff on the conveyor belt, and waited for the cashier to finish scanning for the total. Alex handed over the right amount of money, and ask for a small plastic bag. Then went over to the magazines to see if any new ones were out yet.

((Fwee for my lack of postage! X3))
((Let's just say Thatch finished buying his stuff and is over next to Erindor. I've got a lack of postage too X[ ))
Finished, Celeste put her items on the conveyor belt. When the clerk finished scanning the items, Celeste payed the total and went towards the humans' section, looking for a book or some art supplies.
"Ah," she said as she found a pencil, a pencil sharpener, and some paper. Toki grinned. "Toki tokipree!"
Celeste nodded and, um, bought the items. Then she headed over to the rest of the group.
Landson bought a few supplies, such as Potions, Burn Heals and Antidotes, then started heading out of the building.
He warily glanced around as he remembered the creepy guy on the bus. Infirna barked and sniffed at a nearby trashcan, knocking it over and eating whatever was inside.
"Infirna, come on!" Landson sighed.
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