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The Tale of Avalyn Gladstone (The Sims 3 Let's Play)


New member

My name is Avalyn Gladstone. Most people just call me Lyn, but if you want to call me something else I won't mind! I'm writing to you now because it's what I used to do when I was a kid. Something new would happen and I'd be itching all day to just get home and write it up in my diary!

I figured that since I've just moved to a whole new town all alone I'd start again. It's almost like having a friend, having a diary. This diary is extra special, though, because Mum got it for me just before I left. It even has these neat spaces where I can put photos!

Anyway, I should get on with my big news! I've just moved house! I was looking for somewhere cheap to live after finishing university that wasn't with my parents (I love them and all, but I don't want to live with them forever! Sorry, Mum!) and I couldn't find anywhere. Like, nowhere! There were no affordable apartments in Bridgeport, Riverview is so not my style and like hell could I afford anything in Sunset Valley! I guess I was just really lucky when my weird uncle Goopy died and left me a house!

So, not knowing much about it, I packed up and moved away to Twinbrook and to my very own house! When I arrived I was just a little bit disappointed, though...

Still, you've got to put up with these things, right? It's really pretty around here for a swamp, anyway!

The house was empty when I arrived. Apparently my uncle hadn't given me any of his furniture! ... except some strange things out back, which I discovered later, but that's another story!

Luckily I'd brought some of my own stuff with me! The tiny house looked a little nicer when I was done with it. Shame about the walls, though! They're definitely on my list of things to change when I get my hands on some money!

It's getting late and I've got to go job-hunting tomorrow so I'm going to go to bed ... which, luckily, is in the living room! Yep, it's got a combined living/dining/sleeping room!

xx Avalyn!​

This is sort of an experimental thing from me. I usually get bored of actually playing my sims quite quickly and then I just make them have babies and collect skills and money, but this time I wanted to do something a little different. The basic idea here is that I'm going to follow Avalyn's life as she lives it, and hopefully reporting back to everyone will keep me at least a little bit interested in playing the game!


Anything but unremarkable
Damnit I swear I was going to do A Sims 3 LP like two weeks ago...!

Oh well, you'll probably do it better than I'd have done!

Watching this thread I shall be.


yan ya yan ya yaa iii yaaa
Goddamn it, I was going to do this this summer!

Well, I'm a lazy fuck, so who cares. Are you doing a Legacy or just playing?


New member
It's not a Legacy. I don't think I could handle a Legacy, especially not in Twinbrook or with Avalyn and the house/lot she's currently on. I might do a Legacy afterwards, maybe one set in Sunset Valley or Barnacle Bay, but The Tale of Avalyn Gladstone is pretty firmly planned out.

I know what's going to happen and I know when her story ends -- it's just getting there.

Thanks for the comments, everyone. I'll be sure to update this soon. I've got the screenshots I need for the next bit of the story anyway, I just need to see how the flow is and I need to plan what Avalyn's going to say about it.


New member
Oh, my God! This week has been really weird! I was going to write sooner but I just got so busy with everything, but then... well then something really weird happened and I just had to get it out! You won't believe this.

Anyway, I'll get to that. I should start from the beginning! Well, last time I mentioned I was going to do some job hunting. When I woke up in the morning I flicked through the paper and there was nothing much in it (although apparently there are discount DIY classes available, maybe I'll check it out! It could save a lot of money!), so I decided to grab a taxi and go into town.

I'd seen bits and pieces of the town before on my way in but I'd never seen it close up before. It seems … it looks nice, it really does. A bit quiet, probably not much of a night life, but it seems like a really friendly place. The people were really helpful, too! I'd been looking all over the place for a job but it seemed like nowhere was hiring!

Doo Peas had no vacancies, the hospital wasn't looking for any staff and I couldn't find anywhere that had anything open! I was about ready to give up when I just decided to ask one of the locals for help.

I mean, okay so he was standing in an alleyway and he looked a bit weird... but it worked! We got to talking and apparently he knew my uncle Goopy (“Gilscarbo? Yeah, I knew Goopy Gilscarbo. Bit weird. No offence.”), but even better than that, he knew that the local book shop was taking on staff!

So, after I thanked him for his help I rushed over to the book shop (which was right next door to the local shop, how could I have missed that!?) and I got the job straight away! The pay isn't a lot and it's only part-time, but even a little bit of money is still money!

I was supposed to start work the next day so I went home, read some books and you know, just relaxed to get ready for work the next day. It was nice! I made a friend, her name's Eva something, and she seems really nice... she's a bit older than me but that's okay, I mean, older can be good! She has experience with everything. I got to learn lots about the town, too.

Everything was pretty normal after that, you know? I went to work, came home, sorted out all the moving stuff (I never knew there was so much involved in moving house! I'm so lucky I can just phone Mum for help, even if she is a bit far away to visit) and got into a routine.

Then, today, something absolutely insane happened! I was at work doing what I was supposed to do when all of a sudden this thing comes flying through the window, setting everything on fire, and then going out the other side! Everyone was panicking and running about and I didn't know what to do, and then all of a sudden I was on fire!!!

Apparently there was a meteor shower and one of them hit the town! The book shop's a mess right now! I don't know if I've even got a job! I've only been here a week and already a meteor blew up my job... or is it a meteorite? I know it changes! Later on, after everything had calmed down and I changed, I snuck behind the shop to get a look at the aftermath.

What surprised me almost as much as the meteorite itself was the fact that no one else seemed to care! Here I was, all shocked and curious and all kinds of stuff, and they were just having an impromptu guitar party! This place is really weird. Like, really weird.

xx Avalyn​