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Things are finally getting better.

You won't believe how happy I am right now, things are finally looking like they're going to get better. We're finally going to get our lives back on track and move back to california and start over fresh.

I know these past couple of months haven't exactly been a walk in the park, but since things are starting to clear up you're going to see a massive change in my personality. Instead of me being angry and depressed all the time, I can finally get back to being my normal self who's generally fun to be around.

I just wish to apologize to everyone that I've wronged, and to thank everyone who has helped me pull through this difficult time.

In short: Real Life issues that had turned me into a dick have almost been solved, Going back to california soon, Resuming artwork practice, Hopefully it'll stay this way. :D


Active member
That's great :) and I'm glad you're doing better

And try not to feel super bad about first impressions here. I was super loud and obnoxious when I started off here and made my own fair share of embarrassing threads; everyone's guilty of it XD